Neptune represents creativity intuition spirituality


In astrology Neptune represents creativity, intuition, spirituality, but also deception and escape from reality. Neptune was the only God to have access to the depths of the sea. The water that on the symbolic and dreamlike level represents the unconscious, acts as a magnifying glass, everything immersed in water, though it loses apparent weight, visibly increases in volume. Neptune’s action is an expansive but illusory action. Neptune was also the God of metamorphosis, and its characteristic is that it is not visible, for whenever it comes out of the sea…

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Pluto God of wealth, gold and fertility


In astrology Pluto represents the great principle of transformation. It symbolizes the unconscious, the mysteries of death and life, the creative or destructive impulses and the deep motivations from which the whole project of our existence depends. It represents death, but also rebirth, secret things, deep psychosis. He is considered the top octave of Mars, but while Mars expresses himself in action by extrining it, as a-a-b movement, under the influence of Pluto the tendency of energy is reversed and becomes inner. If Uranus is in relation to spirit and…

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Cancer July 2017 Career Horoscope Love


Cancer July 2017 is a bit agitated because of the quadrature that Uranus and Jupiter are forming these days with the Sun, so complicated situations are expected for most of the month. In addition, Mars in your constellation supports this tendency, causing tensions with people. All this can put a stop to your projects and hopes. Luckily you have the Sun in the sign that until day 22 helps you, giving you greater inner serenity. You will feel stronger in you the need for freedom and growth. You will need…

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Leo July 2017 Career Horoscope Love


Leo July 2017 there may be moments of doubt and trepidation in the first half of the month, but do not be silent, as new opportunities will emerge on the horizon from the third week. In any case, you can rest, because there is no disarming planet that can endanger your things and your treasures. In general, you will enjoy a decent physical form thanks mainly to the support of the Sun, which enters the sign, infuses energy, enthusiasm and vigor. Also enjoy your vitality serenely, which you will use…

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Libra July 2017 Career Horoscope Love


Libra July 2017 ¬†your zodiacal sector in general is heavily influenced by stars. In any case, you of Libra will be protected from the risk by the harmonious presence of Jupiter in your sign. The benefactor planet will be your ally. It will provide you with weapons to fight your enemies and will enable you to make rapid progress in your work and personal life. If you act consistently and consistently, using your own reasoning skills and using all the creativity you are capable of, the horoscope ensures that you…

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Virgo July 2017 Career Horoscope Love


Virgo July 2017 your zodiacal area will be more influenced by the combined forces of Jupiter, Venus and Neptune, which will provide you with greater security in yourself. What can happen is that in the sentimental and working life, and your lifestyle in general, things will be accelerated. There are new meetings for you in this period. It is a great opportunity that is coming to you, but you will have to be more flexible and creative. A more open dialogue with others is indispensable if you have to clarify…

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Aries July 2017 Career Horoscope Love


Aries July 2017, Venus the planet of love continues to do its good job, positively influencing the couple’s life. If you are single and looking for the perfect relationship, the month of July 2017 is the ideal time. Astral influences will help you greatly, especially in the second half of the month. Relax and meditate if you feel too under pressure. Stay in touch with those around you. Take action to harmonize coexistence with your partner. Communication will help you better overcome the differences that may occur in your relationship.…

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Eternal soul and body dichotomy in our time


It seems that in our culture soul and body can not agree, they have been separated for a long time, and apart from a few short parentheses, they have not found themselves again, the body sings and the soul is sorry, the body dies, Soul survives, the body desires and the soul condemns. At one time the body was the enemy to hold on, but it existed, and the dull carnality to hide from time to time could also win a battle. Now no longer. Separated and alienated from our…

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Myths need to give order and sense of existence


Myths are the fables of ancient peoples, infantile and irrational manifestations of man’s spirit at the primordial. What meaning, value, or function can that language have today? Precisely the ancient one because every age has its own myths in which an original tendency of the human spirit is always expressed, an autonomous and creative faculty of consciousness, which necessarily continues to produce in ever different forms the myths of every time and place. Mythology expresses the immutable vocation for order, the inestimable need for purpose, the persistent desire for a…

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Born June 26 birth horoscope traits


Born June 26 are usually strengths and reliability for their family and friends, they are very concrete people and extremely sensitive but hard and solid like rocks. Regardless of their occupation, they look at aspects of home life, and they are always engaged in stable and practical activities: managing and improving domestic behavior, having fun with the family. Children raised by these people are usually lucky enough to live in a safe haven, an oasis. However, as parents, births on June 26 may sometimes be overprotective, preventing children from experiences…

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