Gabriel Archangel Prince of the Angels


Gabriel Archangel is the guardian of our thoughts, words and actions, it is he who runs directly to our aid when we feel hurt, confused or agitated, failing to take the precautions that would be appropriate in these circumstances. Clarity, purity and sincerity are three virtues that are found in Gabriel Archangel. This powerful archangel, who guides the angels, helps us and envelops us with his light-filled being, supporting us when we have to repay old debts, including karmic debts. Alone, we often can not do it, but with the…

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Raziel Archangel Prince of the Cherubim Angels


Raziel Archangel is also known as Azrael, the name Raziel in Hebrew means secret of God. Raziel Archangel is the prince of the supreme mysteries, secret regions and originality. It protects humanity so that everyone feels positive and prosperous. It brings peace and kindness to people and is the guardian of wisdom and creativity. The Jewish tradition tells us that Adam fell ill, and that Raziel Archangel handed him a book containing all kinds of herbs in the world that could heal all of humanity. For this reason all the…

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Seraphim Angel’s Power of Abundance and Supremacy


Seraphim Angel’s globally govern all the forces of creation for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Earth. They represent the power of abundance and supremacy. They are the angels closest to God. They are the wisest and most responsible Angels. They have six wings. They surround the sacred throne of God. It is said that the songs of the Seraphim are songs of creation and celebration, the music of the spheres. They are the angels of love, of light and of fire. The people governed by the Seraphim Angels…

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Lack of passion and crisis in the couple relationship


Lack of passion in the couple is one of the main causes of dissatisfaction in the world of love relationships. Finding someone to stay with can be difficult, but it is even more difficult to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship. The lack of passion changes the relationship of a couple. The first important thing is to understand why the passion in the couple is born and which function. What is passion exactly Passion is considered a sentiment that leads us to experience attraction and excitement towards a person. It…

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Reiyel Guardian Angel Born August 13 to 17


Reiyel gives the liberation that leads to shaking off everything that damages us, because it does not belong to our true being: to unleash our deepest essence to make it bloom again of its own light, without allowing ourselves to be conditioned by the opinions of others and our prejudices. Reiyel ceremoniously pervades people with a desire for spirituality aimed at turning them into protagonists of the Cosmic Work. In this way they can become models to be imitated, whose value will be recognized and emulated. In fact, when Reiyel…

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Lauviah Guardian Angel Born May 11 to 15


Lauviah Guardian Angel manifests through attraction, grants the person great wisdom, balance and diplomacy; strong resilience from difficulties; ease in making known their talent, success and fortune in all kinds of activities, high economic and social levels, awards and celebrities. The first task of the person is to understand that his inner self can inhabit the common reality only in part. They are always also elsewhere; their mind, their talents, and their aspirations belong to a large extent, to the afterlife, to that side of the universe in which time…

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Seheiah Guardian Angel Born August 7 to 12


Seheiah Guardian Angel rules certain forces that come to help protect against all misfortunes related to the energies of Camael Archangel – Justice of God – that gives wisdom through experiences. Invoked in adversity, Seheiah prevents traumatic consequences by giving the joyful grace of Hesediel. According to Tradition, invoking Seheiah Guardian Angel, the person will be protected from accidents and brought to safety from eventual catastrophic events, and will come out unscathed from delicate situations. It will also sometimes be the providential person, who with his mere presence, can prevent…

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Haaiah Guardian Angel Born July 28 to August 1


Haaiah is the 26th Breath of God and the second angelic ray in the Choir of the Dominions Angels, here administers the energies of Mars. Its element is Fire; has Zodiacal domination from the 5th to 10th grade of the Leo.¬†Haahiah infuses the sense of the right and the desire to build; consequently, his natives will tend to work in the world of politics, exercising his influence in diplomacy and the elaboration of treaties and conventions; and they will have the particular power to realize, and to organize in their…

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Let it flow, do not anchor yourself to resentments and fears


Let it flow, do not anchor yourself to resentments, do not cling to fears or to those who just want to tarnish their wings. Because everything has its own time and new opportunities can come at any time, as long as the mind is kept calm, and the heart is active. Just for today, let everything flow without conditions. Just for today, you prevent the adversities from throwing you down, tearing away your hopes and the desire to live. Just for today, let go of all that troubles you with…

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Avoidance means escaping from unpleasant situations


Avoidance may seem to be the best defense mechanism, but it is particularly dangerous, especially over time. We have all lived through situations that have caused us such malaise as to lead us to desire only to run away. We will not only talk about the prejudices that derive from this way of dealing with things, but we will also see which behaviors can replace avoidance, whose only result is to remove the possibility of exposure to a situation that is perceived as unpleasant or even painful. What is avoidance…

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Evolution of love in the couple variable but solid


Evolution of love within the couple, according to the anthropologist Helen Fisher, people are born to love. In a more or less correct way, this feeling both intense and complex is also the source of our existence. Our creativity and many concerns depend on love. Knowing the evolution of love within the couple will allow us to deepen even our own essence. If we affirm right now that “love is everything”, many may be skeptical. Culturally we are cynical towards this idea. From a biological and anthropological point of view,…

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Mehiel Birth Angel Horoscope February 5 9


Mehiel Birth Angel gives great creative and emotional moral strength, inner purification, balanced thoughts and feelings. People born in this period ruled by the angel Mehiel, are people in need of people’s approval. They are also noted for impulsiveness in uniting and dividing, in drawing conclusions, in making judgments. This inclination derives from a bad relationship between mind and instinct. They are very good at reasoning, in distinguishing, in orienting themselves within precise patterns. Instead they fear everything that comes from the deep unconscious, in vast currents that appear to…

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