Asaliah Guardian Angel Born November 13 to 17


Asaliah directs the human will to exalt the Divine Thought, this Guardian Angel illuminates the social media so that the person has the opportunity to pronounce, without declaring to exhibit his merits or to express his opinions with the necessary incisiveness. The person will be very communicative, outraged, ready to convey his message, a sort of open door through which men and women can see the Celestial Way. These natives have a duty to proclaim the Celestial Order, to announce its existence, and the need to establish it; it is…

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January Guardian Angels, harmony, aptitude to success


January Guardian Angels collectively inspire: harmony, aptitude to success, well-being, understanding ability, renewal capacity, transformation skills, self-knowledge, inclination to science, patience. Protection: from negative energies, explosions, fire, accidents. Favorite Activities: Business, Astrology, Astronomy, Commerce, Communication, Philosophy, Physics, Teaching, Mathematics, Medicine. Nemamiah – God Beloved – Chorus of the Archangels – January 1 to 5 Prosperity and success. Know how to take the reins of situations and advise others. Predisposition to command or military life. Strong sense of justice. Yeialel – God Who Hears – Chorus of the Archangels – January…

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Resilience ability to cope with stressful events


Resilience is the ability of people to cope with stressful traumatic events without undue adverse effects. This concept serves to explain how similar people react differently to the same type of trauma. The interindividual variability is very high. People with high resilience manage to face adversity, reorganizing themselves internally and reaching new important goals. They tend to be flexible, dynamic and creative people, and they treasure past experiences. Resilience is a term that derives from the science of materials to indicate the ability to conserve its structure after being deformed.…

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Emotional intelligence in couple relationships


We can consider emotional intelligence as the ability to live up to their own emotions and those of others. Peter Salovely, the US psychologist who first dealt with emotional intelligence, identifies 5 main areas. 1. Self-awareness, that is, recognition of their emotions at the very moment they arise. 2. The ability to handle them instead of succumbing to them. 3. Empathy, recognize the emotions that others feel. 4. Self-motivation that entails the ability to remain motivated in the pursuit of its goals, despite failures and frustrations that may arise during…

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Empathy of women encourages forgiveness


Empathy is the ability to gain access to the inner world of another person, to perceive their feelings and thoughts beyond what others express verbally. This is a different understanding from the intellectual one, which focuses on the facts and dynamics of the incident. Empathic understanding seeks to grasp those clues as to how the person has experienced an experience. This is only possible when the observer sets aside his own assessment schemes of reality, to see the world through the grids of the other’s meaning. Empathy is characterized by…

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Christmas between duties and everyday pleasures


Christmas seems to have become a more consumerist and religious occurrence, all of us in some way involved with the unstoppable race to the last gift, often shaking our lives in the name of consumer and market logic that incites and almost compels us to buy as much as possible … But to find out the meaning of Christmas is perhaps more useful to get out of shop windows and turn back to the oldest cults: Christmas is above all a symbol of rebirth and renewal. The Christmas festivities, with…

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Umabel Guardian Angel Born January 21 to 25


Umabel gives the gift of an aptly sensitive and empathetic soul, able to tune in with others by offering friendship and receiving it. The person born under his influence, addressing him, will get absolute clarity of conscience about how to act in the most functional way to the situation that is going through. The energy released by Umabel makes us feel passionately loved by those who radiate it: they are intuitive, generous and capable of uninterested and very effective interventions. However, it will be a matter of precious interventions as…

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Nanael Guardian Angel Born December 13 to 16


Nanael is the brightest Angel (along with Vehuel). According to tradition he allows to see God and to climb the 22 steps of Jacob’s staircase (in fact he is considered, among other things, also the angel that favors the study of the occult sciences), and gives the power to transfer to Earth heavenly order and perfection. Knowing the Truth that is up will give the opportunity to express in the bottom what is right, orienting the individual towards the judiciary and giving the talent and vocation to the professions related…

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Imamiah Guardian Angel Born December 8 to 12


Imamiah has the power to harmonize the energies of Mars (representing strength and work), with those of Venus (representing love, sweetness, ease). If they come in tune with him, he gives a strong temper and a spirit of endurance in adversity; He drives to find his way to all those who in good faith seek the truth. Imamiah accords the pleasure of what is primordial, the enthusiasm of what is divine; the desire to embellish the physical and the invisible world. It also works primarily on physical forms by giving…

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Aries Predictions December 2017 Horoscope


Aries in this month will improve the energies of the Aries, which will stabilize, thanks to the Sun and Mars (your dominant planet) in great aspect with your constellation. These two planetary aspects will have a major impact on you, especially between 10 and 20 December, when your social life will flow very fast. You will benefit from a better health form if you sleep at an appropriate time, especially if you use caution and regularize your diet during Christmas holidays. Aries Love, Predictions December The year 2017 closes with…

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