Daniel Angel Meditation According to Kabbalah


Daniel Angel Meditation , enough is never enough. According to Kabbalah, in fact, Daniel Angel offers an effective meditative tool to become aware of his own value. And also understand what are the things we really need and for which we must commit ourselves. Understanding that one deserves more (in the profound sense and not the mere material acquisitions) helps to understand if in our life we are accepting compromises that end up mortifying us. In fact, sometimes we are satisfied (in the sense that we sell out). Ending to…

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Vehuel Angel Meditation,happiness


Vehuel Angel meditation is called happiness, and helps to discern, and to know how to choose between momentary pleasure and lasting happiness. This process can go through phases of renunciation, whose real purpose is to bring us to understand the true needs of our soul. These needs remain hidden under the superficial drives, and tend towards the most ephemeral selfishness and fulfillment. The teaching of the Kabbalah linked to this meditation is that of the famous saying: attentive to what you desire …. you could get it. A warning that…

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Empathy exceptional genetic ability


Empathy is an exceptional genetically programmed capacity in our brain, with which we tune in with the feelings and intentions of others. However, not everyone can light the lantern that illuminates the process of building the most solid and rewarding relationships. We often hear say sentences like (that person is not empathetic) ,. Well, one very important thing to clarify right away is that our brain has a very sophisticated architecture; by which it favors this connection. empathy is one of the strategies by which we guarantee the survival of…

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Syncretism mixes religion and spiritual practices


Syncretism is a religious form that mixes doctrines, liturgies and spiritual practices of different origins. Syncretism means the integration or merging of doctrines of different origins into a new doctrine, both in the sphere of religious beliefs and in that of philosophical conceptions. More particularly, in the history of religions, Syncretism means the fusion of two or more religions, or even the partial contamination of one religion with elements of others. The term Syncretism, however, has spread in the modern era thanks above all to the New Age movement, which…

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Extrinsic Religiosity Characteristics


Anyone characterized by an extrinsic religiosity tends to see in religion an element through which to obtain something. It is not necessarily a malevolent action, nor a conscious one; rather try to solve some problems or aspects of one’s life through religion. The benefits that we hope to achieve are individual and social, both tangible and intangible. Religion as a fundamental human need gives meaning to one’s existence. There are many ways to feel the relationship with the Absolute and an interesting distinction is that proposed by Gordon Allport, the…

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Intrinsic Religiosity Characteristics


Intrinsic religious orientation is a personal way of experiencing spirituality, and has been described by Gordon Allport. Who possesses an intrinsic orientation considers religion in its most existential form; as the absolute value on which life rests and which gives value to it. There is no utilitarian intent of religion, but only the fulfillment of man. These people live the religion as a practice embodied in everyday life; and that they sense the presence of the Absolute in their existence. The whole therefore manifests itself as a personal and inner…

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2018 Capricorn January Horoscope


2018 Capricorn January, important planetary transits accompany Capricorn during the month of January 2018. The Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto have been moving from your beginning of the year to your zodiacal area; awaiting the arrival of Mercury on the 12th. All together these planets will guide you along a path of happiness and harmony. It is important that you manage your social situations with courtesy to caution. Sympathy and sagacity will be the pillars of your success. The final touch arrives on Wednesday 17, with the New Moon, this…

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2018 Sagittarius January Horoscope


2018 Sagittarius January, there is the opportunity to live very satisfying circumstances throughout the month. Cheerful and determined, you will share some good times with your family and friends. In the professional field, Jupiter, in the shadow of your constellation, will help to achieve exceptional levels of performance, encouraging an increase in revenue. With the arrival of Mars, in the third week, important changes will be promoted that will lead you towards resounding triumphs. Remember that anything that can damage your health must be kept to a minimum. Because, for…

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2018 Scorpio January Career Horoscope Love


2018 Scorpio January Horoscope, except for a few minor disturbances, with the start of the new year you will be physically fit. In any case it will be better to try to avoid situations of tension. If a skin disorder appears, even if apparently insignificant, try not to underestimate the thing or in the future the disease could get worse. Do not try to solve with home remedies, the advice of a specialist is much safer in these cases. 2018 Scorpio January Love You will feel a great inner need…

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2018 Libra January Career Horoscope Love


2018 Libra January begins under the best auspices for the natives of the Libra sign. Many of you will worry about improving your image, changing your hairstyle and a different style in dressing, attending gyms or beauty centers. Everything you do will give you good results, as this is the right time to deal with your outward appearance. 2018 Libra January Love There are two different planets, with opposing energies between them, that are moving, influencing your life as a couple. Venus offers the power to fall in love and…

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