Sandalphon Archangel governs the structure of matter


Sandalphon Archangel  Ambassador of the Archangel Metatron. Beings that in esoteric sense are called Elementals and act under the four elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth), are governed by Angel-Prince Sandalphon, Ambassador of the Archangel Metatron. As it will rise and the earthly atmosphere will become more pure and rarefied, Sandalphon will be replaced by the true Archangel of the Earth, who (currently) wears the name of Emmanuel. This mysterious Archangel, who is awaiting the task of establishing the advent of the Messianic Age on Earth, is served by Angel-Prince…

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Gabriel Archangel of Regeneration and the unconscious


Gabriel Archangel makes us able to express the purest feelings, to regenerate ourselves, others, the whole world. Praying, the individual will be able to extract from his soul the wonderful fluid capable of rebuilding everything, capable of healing it, and of changing the bad habits. Gabriel Archangel favors the actualization of all that the individual carries within himself; previous lives, childhood and childhood, because in these stages symbolically finds the purity that must transform our lives. Indeed, in Life, reappear elements of the past (childhood, first youth, previous lives). Everything…

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Habit takes you away from happiness


Almost everyone thinks happiness comes to us only when some events happen: to marry the righteous woman, to do the job that makes us gain more, to have a prominent position in our social environment. Few think that what makes life a good one and fills it with happiness is the amount of surprises that filled it up. This is what the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung said, which he wrote in old age: I’m happy with my life, she’s been rich and he has given me a lot, I’ve only had unexpected…

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Nostalgia of lost love, authentic sense of life


Nostalgia of a lost love or likewise of a love that has not been found, of a love that has been glimpsed for a moment and then escaped us, the pain of the flesh and the spirit, and at the same time the painful desire of the Soul. If perhaps it’s time to try to define love, it is also true that its lack, the vacuum it creates can become the engine of our life, the flywheel that transmits energy and passion beyond all bitterness and bitterness. for the same…

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Memories talk about what you have to do now


Memories talk about what you have to do now, everyone is thinking about the past and going back to it through more or less beautiful memories. We inevitably attach them a remarkable importance, as if the past and therefore memories could decide what we are and what we are destined to become. But this is not the case, the common thought that life can be diverted from past events is to be avoided. Memories, though they are an important part of our lives, must remain so, without affecting our future.…

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Beliefs take you away from happiness


Abandoning the granitic beliefs in the lives of feeling inadequate when decisions and choices we make do not seem to carry us where we want to go. In these cases it is as if we were facing a crossroads: on the one hand we can be crucified in the perverse mechanism of self-beliefs and prophecy …. I’m so because I’ve happened this and that, I’ll never have what I want , I am destined for unhappiness. I will grieve forever and things will never change. Or we can ask ourselves;…

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Happiness, best tonic for the body


Happiness, reinforces immune defenses and frees us from stress, while sadness acts in the opposite way, exposing us to the discomfort. It may seem like superficial observation, but research confirms it: true happiness reinforces our defenses against illness. Too many people still ignore that our immune system is directly affected by our mood, if we are cheerful increase antibodies and lymphocytes and slow down the production of adrenaline and cortisol, stress-related hormones. Scientists have also found that meditation practice leads to well-being and happiness that positively influences our brain and…

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We fall in love because we need ardor


We fall in love because we need ardor, we need fire. Through this exhilaration the mature brain of the abilities we do not know to have. When you’re in love for real you realize that your life gets easier, you do things you did not do before, that everything is more natural, you discover talents that you did not know to have. We need to understand something important … our soul, that is the strength that identifies us and makes us a unique face, hates our opinion. We do not…

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Fall in love without getting hurt,living happily


Fall in love without getting hurt, when we suffer for love it is not the fault of feeling, but of the illusions we attach to him and the beliefs we have about love. How to recognize whether our in love is healthy and well-being, or whether it prepares the ground for unhappiness and frustration. Just look at how we behave and with what mental attitudes we have towards the couple. Just as there are ways of looking at the relationship with the open mind, free from dangerous commonplace, there are…

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Habuhiah Angel Meditation establish a contact


Habuhiah Angel Meditation establish a contact with the trapped souls, according to Kabbalah, Habuhiah Angel provides the most effective meditation tool to establish contact with the souls of the people we loved and who are no longer with us. The deep intuition to which we must draw is that by leaving this life, the soul does not dissolve, but ascends to higher levels of existence which are more of a reality than the material existence itself, as if in the condition we call live, we were actually partially dead, as…

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