Jeliel Guardian Angel Born March 26 to 30


Jeliel represents and gives the power to concretize and consolidate any reality. it accords solidity, tranquility, fertility (vegetable, animal, human, labor), spouse’s fidelity, obedience and loyalty by children . He overcame processes and annul litigation, disputes, separations and divorces. Ensures success in construction and production activities. It also helps to make career in administrations, diplomacy and law enforcement. Jeliel reveals the mysteries associated with material accomplishments, all that is concrete in tangible terms. With prayer the person will get extraordinary intuitions, will have the opportunity to know the virtues of the…

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Manakel Guardian Angel Born February 15 to 19


Manakel dominates all vegetation strengths and exerts strong influence on sleep and dreams. Manakel imprints the Law (from Saturn’s own energy) to the Center of Images (that is, in the dimension of imagination and communication, which is the moon energy of the Archangel Gabriel who dominates his Choir). The person has the gift of modesty and seriousness that will make him gain everyone’s trust and sympathy, for the others will not see him as a rival, but as an ally. He will therefore be driven to stable situations in which…

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Aquarius 2017 December Horoscope Predictions


Aquarius 2017 December, your days are colored with a romantic and adventurous spirit. Express your emotions and let others know your true self. Aquarius is usually a person who does not want to have thoughts, which is why you sometimes give preference to logic. There will be positive results during December, and will prove to be the best end of this year’s 2017. The horoscope ensures that regular practice of Yoga exercises will be a great remedy to keep your mind under control. In love, the planet of beauty will…

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Pisces 2017 December Horoscope Predictions


Pisces 2017 December, the month is announced much more frantic and active than the previous month of November. You will feel impetuous the desire to move away from certain habits to enter the unknown. Learn to enrich yourself on the psychic plane and let yourself go. In love, Venus trine with your sign continues to protect your relationship and adds a note of harmony and passion. Optimism and positive will surround you in the last month of 2017. In general, the sky will be very favorable with the Pisces sign,…

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Caliel Guardian Angel Born June 16 to 21


Caliel is the most direct collaborator of Archangel Zaphquiel (who in turn accords to the individuals the space-destiny in which their dramas will be lived), with master’s hand directs the building values ​​of the Material World, which constitute its specialty. Likewise, the person inspired by his influence will realize his designs in accordance with divine energies without any arbitrary and unnecessary flowering and will have a strong imprint on his professional environment. The person born under his influence will be honest and guided by a sense of justice, endowed with…

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Happy is a personal decision,start to be happy today


Being happy is a personal decision. The question is simple: we can find happiness even if we do not have everything we want in life. You might think that this is a conformist attitude, and some might seem stupid. But if you think about it, do we no longer benefit from a positive attitude than a negative one? We can be happy if we make the decision to be, if we can understand that although many things can go wrong, there will always be something good, something that motivates us…

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Haaiah Guardian Angel Born July 28 to August 1


Haaiah is the 26th Breath of God and the second angelic ray in the Choir of the Angels Dominions, here administers the energies of Mars. Its element is Fire; has Zodiacal domination from the 5th to 10th grade of the Leo. Haahiah infuses the sense of the right and the desire to build; consequently, his natives will tend to work in the world of politics, exercising his influence in diplomacy and the elaboration of treaties and conventions; and they will have the particular power to realize, and to organize in their…

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Vasariah Guardian Angel Born August 29 to Sept. 2


Vasariah is the 32nd breath of God and the eighth angel ray in the Choir of Dominions Angels , here it administers lunar energies. Its element is the Earth; Zodiacal residence from the 5th to the 10th grade of Virgo. Vasariah transmits strongly and vigorously the energies of Jupiter (wealth, well-being, joy) in the interior of the people (like all angels who administer the moon powers) in his Choir acts at the most incarnate vibratory level (and hence closer to men) . Because of this nature, it manifests its influence…

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Nemamiah Guardian Angel Born January 1 to 5


Nemamiah is the 57th breath of God and the first angelic ray in the Choir of the Archangels Angels led by Archangel Michael; here administers the energies of Uranus. Its element is the Earth; has Zodiacal domination from the 10th to 15th grade of Capricorn. Anyone who is born under this influence will love to be placed in a command position, distinct from his courage and great love for all things, enduring patience with patience and courage. It works to improve society and tends to abolish the privileges and resources of…

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Daniel Guardian Angel Born Nov. 28 to Dec. 2


Daniel is the 50th breath of God and the second angel ray in the Venusian Choir of the Principalities Angels, here administers the energies of Saturn. Fire dominant element; Zodiacal house from the 5th to the 10th degree of Sagittarius. Daniel stimulates love for the command in general. The person will be led to head, will be of high rank and rank. At the same time Daniel assures the sympathy of executives. As a result, its protected people will not find employment or access to positions of considerable responsibility. All that Daniel’s…

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