Christian meditation is an ancient technique


Christian meditation is an ancient technique necessary to activate good prayers and to elevate the spirit. Christian meditation is a form of meditation that belongs to an ancient Christian tradition, still practiced today in some specific places in the Eastern Christian world, such as the monastic Republic of Mount Athos or Romania. Western tradition has never worried about the usefulness of the techniques needed to activate good prayers. Prayer-meditation, to overcome the desired effect, should arise spontaneously and naturally, as the outpouring of the individual’s love towards the mystery of…

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Sri Aurobindo Meditation Progress Towards Better


Sri Aurobindo Meditation allows the person to progress to a better version of herself and mankind in general. It is a form of meditation of transformation, which opposes static, immobile and relatively inert meditation, which does nothing to consciousness and personality.  It is a form of meditation of transformation, which opposes static, immobile and relatively inert meditation, which does nothing to consciousness and personality. At the basis of this form of meditation there is the awareness of the self-limiting character of our unconscious, opposed to change. Understanding more and increasing awareness is…

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Vasariah Guardian Angel Aug 20 to September 2


Vasariah conveys strongly the energies its influence with greater intensity can help us substantially. Since the everyday outer life, is the concrete image of our inner reality, contact the influence of this Angel will orient towards fortunate situations. Statistically Vasariah is the Guardian Angel invoked more frequently among the Leaders of the Earth, the Traditional Text says Vasariah grants favors and benefits to the Kings and Heads of State, and generally stirs energies connected to powerful people. It gives the human will power to arouse the desires; its lunar energy…

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Lecabel Guardian Angel Born August 23 to 28


Lecabel is the energy that allows the understanding of the laws of life, to induce humans to act in harmony with them, because only in this way you can really be successful. Lecabel attaches great importance to the formulation of thought that the individual then orients a specific objective, concrete, and grants friendliness, ease of speech and writing, logical connection between thought and social space, in which such thought must be externalized: thanks to these qualities the person may have easy access to means of communication and therefore assertion in…

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Omael Guardian Angel Born August 18 to 22


Omael dispenses moral fecundity and material allowing the most joyous fullness of all planes of existence. is the bearer of great happiness and expansion of fertility, especially for women; men with less intensity, they will also participate in the fruitfulness he dispensed, for example, they will be skilled gynecologists or obstetricians. Through her intercession with the arrival of the rain also infertile lands bear fruit, and women defeat infertility. Omael is an angel healer capable of restoring the vital functions of every being, individuals tend to have good health and…

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Reiyel Guardian Angel Born August 13 to 17


Reiyel helps to get success pointing the right way and gives greater awareness of the order and its rhythms. She teaches how to direct the prayers that are answered. It helps the individual to make speeches to delve into philosophical concepts and to convince the people, guarantees luck .Reiyel urges to entrust him with confidence, knowing that his energy leads free in addition to the evil and disasters, demanding to understand how exhausting the Karma which weighs upon us; because suffering is not an empty road but thanks to the…

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Seheiah Guardian Angel Born August 7 to 12


Seheiah gives the wisdom that comes from experience, protects the individual from all that is related to fire and accidents (including travel), falls, illness. It allows to express talents in the medical field.Seheiah urges them to trust in him to emerge unscathed from every disaster; to face difficulties with confidence surviving the most severe without bitterness. When your Karma is exhausted you will be heard and acknowledged, your value will be respected and will be your job to put it at the service of others. Then the second part of…

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Win the fear of the future


The fear of the future of these times is a widespread emotion. The precariousness of work and financial resources coupled with the uncertainty of maneuvering to contain the crisis foment this emotional state with strong psychological consequences. Fighting and limiting the effects of fear (and thus knowing it) is one of the tools to deal with what the future holds us. What is the fear of the future Fear is one of the primary emotions, that is, a response in humans worldwide and from the very first hours of birth.…

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Yeratel Guardian Angel Born August 2 to 6


Yeratel gives joy, ease of speech, possibility to enter harmoniously in relation to others. Helps to get success in every field and to quickly resolve all kinds of problems. Born under the influence of this angel is intelligent, balanced and mature. Able to balance their individual instincts accepting … not necessarily follow the advice and care of all manifestations. It has a strong initiative and perseverance, her clear and full life of joy, holding a noble and refined appearance. It will have protection against any kind of negative force and power…

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Collective narcissism – we are the best


Collective narcissism is the basis of a great image and free from the faults of its own reference group. As with the singular form, collective narcissism also has a normal and pathological appearance. Enriching the image of your own group of affiliates, emphasizing their qualities, and making sure that they come true is not bad. The extreme and pathological form of collective narcissism is characterized by the lack of an objective judgment: the group is perfect, there are only very high praise, and all the allegations raised in it are…

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