With the virtuous energy of humility man realizes himself


With the virtuous energy of humility man realizes himself, does not care about the judgment of others and his reputation, he does not need to make efforts to defend them and can thus free up energies for his projects. Since the projects of the Self are impersonal and directed towards the common good, humility is also situated in this current. It is a quality unrelated to what is done for personal and self-centered purposes, even if positive and constructive. The inferiority complex and narcissism are situations¬†closely related and humility is…

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Benevolence is not a generic love of the other


Benevolence is not a generic love of the other nor an attempt to love the other, but it is to see the good in everything. Seeing God at work in every person, because He is all in all. We live in a world where violence, corruption and selfishness touch drifts that were once unthinkable. Propose a reflection on benevolence to the authors of injustices … it would be like sowing in the waves of the sea. All of them facing the challenge of living benevolence could react with a –…

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Education of conscience is a lifelong task


Consciousness must be educated and moral judgment enlightened. A well-formed conscience is upright and truthful. It formulates its judgments according to reason, according to the true good wanted by the wisdom of the Creator. The education of conscience is indispensable for human beings exposed to negative influences, and tempted by sin to prefer their own judgment and to reject certain teachings. Education of conscience is a lifelong task. From the early years it discloses to the child the knowledge and practice of the inner law, recognized by the moral conscience.…

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Eyael Angel Qualities and Meditation, Great Expectations


Qualities developed by Eyael Angel are the ability to find the good in everything, generosity of feelings, consolation, taste for elevation and spiritual evolution; wisdom, erudition, divine illumination, understanding of the unknown aspect of the Work of God, changes, longevity. Gagalim is the Angel of the abyss opposite to Eyael Angel; it represents the darkness and all the deceptions that come from the lack of light. It causes prejudice, cheating, deceptive vision, the spread of erroneous beliefs and erroneous systems in the spiritual and scientific fields. Eyael Angel exhorts to…

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Nemamiah Guardian Angel Born January 1 to 5


Nemamiah is the 57th breath of God and the first angelic ray in the Choir of the Archangels Angels led by Archangel Michael; here administers the energies of Uranus. Its element is the Earth; has Zodiacal home from the 10th to 15th grade of Capricorn.¬†Anyone who is born under this influence will love to be placed in a command position, distinct from his courage and great love for all things, enduring patience and courage. It works to improve society and tends to abolish the privileges and resources of people who…

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Oxfam, wolves disguised as benefactor angels


In the violent reaction of anger for the revelations on the abuses perpetrated by the Oxfam staff, the humanitarian aid sector no longer makes the text. The London Times articles in which Roland Van Hauwermeiren, is accused of having done immoral acts against the women he was to help, in a villa that Oxfam had rented for him when he was director responsible for the humanitarian organization’s interventions in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010, they served as a lightning rod for numerous other allegations of harassment and malpractice. What…

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Seraphim Choir First Angelic Hierarchy


The Seraphim Angels belong to the highest order of angels, assert the role of guardians of the throne of God and continually chant his prayers: – Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts. The whole earth is full of its glory -. It is also said that they surround the throne of God, singing the music of the spheres and regulating the movement of heaven as it is commanded by God, and emanating such a powerful and brilliant light that no one, except divine eyes, can look at them.…

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Humble people surprise with their actions


I like humble people with a captivating smile that surprise me every day with their actions. They are people who speak and respect their word, who do not know the enlarged egos and the disguised falsehoods. I like these magical people, disguised as normal people. However, we know that such personalities are counted on the fingers of one hand. We live in an individualistic society more and more oriented towards externality, in which exhibitionist behaviors and magniloquent excesses are common, in which the obsession to be admired at any moment…

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Dreamcatchers the legend of Asibikaashi


Dreamcatchers are powerful tools of the medicine of the shamans, whose origin dates back to the Native American tribes. Their ring represents the wheel of life, the network represents the dreams we weave during the time of dreams, the soul and the movement that we generate with our daily activities. And in the middle of the net there is emptiness, the creative spirit, the Great Mystery. According to tradition, these objects help us keep positive ideas and pleasant dreams close to us, as well as protecting those who own them.…

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Discovering your dreams, first step to happiness


To find out what your dreams are, you must first explore yourself. It is a simple and at the same time complicated journey that will require you to learn something new about yourself every day. Still, it’s not as easy as you might think. The Canadian academic Hayakawa argued that – who admits to know very little about himself is the one who has more chances to discover new things about himself before he dies -. If we start from this humble premise, there are two branches of psychology that…

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