Holy Archangels Money Prayer


Holy archangels prayer.Recite this powerful prayer to prosper, to earn money. If your desire is to buy a house, pay debts, have a prosperous career. – Lord in the name of Jesus, I (your name), I ask you to help me to win immediately, fortunately, the necessary and sufficient money to pay and solve all my financial problems. That Angelic Nine Choir help me fulfill my financial freedom. Praise Jesus, praise to our Almighty God, Creator of Heaven, of the Earth and of the Sea, let the 3 Holy Archangels…

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Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer


Archangel Sachiel is one of the most invoked Archangels, represents wealth, physical well-being, prestige, and money. Sachiel is the guardian of the animal kingdom and fertility on Earth Planet, Sachiel is very generous in helping humans in achieving their economic well-being, also represents optimism in dealing with life and is of great help in moments of sadness and discouragement. The money and the wealth that is received in any form through Sachiel’s help must not be withheld, but it must flow among people to improve the economic well-being of all,…

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The healing power of affectionate words


Affects are feelings expressed in words, but also in non-verbal language. Through words and gestures, affections are always accompanied by emotions, those emotions that give value to affectionate words. We can define affection all those expressions that show the other how we feel when we are together, but also far away, or the desires we have towards him or her. And it is expressing the affection to establish the character of the relationship, its depth and the importance it has for both people involved. Emotional language is a way of…

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Principles of acceptance and commitment therapy


Acceptance and commitment therapy is not a new or recent technology, even if it is a third-generation therapy. It has been developed over almost 25 years, although its popularity is recent. Acceptance and commitment therapy is a form of behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy, based on the theory of the relational trait of language and on human cognition. It represents a point of view on psychopathology that emphasizes the role of experiential avoidance, of cognitive fusion, of the absence or weakening of values, and of the rigidity or behavioral ineffectiveness resulting…

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Frustration, how to resume life in your hands


Frustration and discomfort are caused by the lack of satisfaction of a need, or a goal. Let’s not stop at anger and disappointment, but let’s go over looking for the right way to move forward. In psychology, frustration is identified as that experience that is generated every time we see a need, a desire, a dream, an expectation and a goal to vanish into nothingness and to fail. This is what is felt when the pleasure expected from the satisfaction of what is desired or for which one has worked…

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The benefits of negative emotions


Negative emotions, with their benefits, allow us to grow and become more complete people. Clyde DeSouza says that, when the mind manages to free itself from the contamination of emotions, logic and clarity emerge surprisingly. This means that we can find good in almost everything we are and that surrounds us, even in the aspects that we consider negative. We must also consider that the society in which we live classifies frustration and anxiety as decidedly negative events. Love is always positive. To a deeper reflection, however, we realize that this…

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Hahasiah Guardian Angel December 3 to 7


Hahasiah Guardian Angel incites the person to externalize himself, expressing as they were his own, the values ​​that he instills … peace, harmony, convivial spirit, benevolent union among all, grace and brotherhood on a universal level. And so here is the desire to carry out edifying and noble gestures, the aspiration to behave in a sublime way, susceptible of procuring admiration; often those born under the protection of Hahasiah Guardian Angel are people with solid principles. Love will be placed at the service of the Divine Design in its phase…

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Intuitive Intelligence improves our decision-making ability


Intuitive Intelligence improves our decision-making ability to solve problems quickly. This is a concept that goes against the current, because we have always thought that to make good decisions it is necessary to think carefully, not be in a hurry and analyze the pros and cons of the situation. However, the truth is that in a society like ours, where there is an excess of information, having more data available is not always useful, but sometimes it can even confuse us or lead us to inertia. In fact, we all…

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Couple’s life love as symbiosis


The life of a couple requires a commitment to grow in their respective identities, because a symbiosis produces the death of a couple’s life. Nobody can grow choked by the embrace of others, no matter how beautiful it is. A symbiotic relationship transforms the life of a couple in a prison, in a golden cage. In reality, however much one may feel united with the partner, the fact remains that one is always profoundly different and that each individual’s individuality is like an acorn that wants to grow in order…

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Self-mastery and motivation in emotional intelligence


Self-mastery, although it must be understood primarily as self-control, therefore as a capacity to dominate emotions, does not imply the suppression, suffocation or negation of the same. From this point of view if all emotions are allowed, not all can be expressed. In fact, if we are not responsible for our feelings, for what we experience inwardly in front of behaviors or events, we are responsible for the way in which we decide to express them. In this sense, being endowed with emotional intelligence means being able to manage one’s…

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Career and characteristics of emotional intelligence


To have a successful career it is not enough to have a high IQ or be competent from a professional point of view; it is also necessary to have what Daniel Goleman calls emotional intelligence. If we were to list the factors that lead to success in life in general, and in particular in career, we would probably put lively intelligence, a brilliant school career, precise professional skills, and probably some factors related to fate. . All true, but not enough. For example, think of a person with an extraordinary…

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Self-awareness helps to control our emotions


Self-awareness helps to control our emotions. In fact, when you are aware that something is wrong, you are already solving the problem and you have already eliminated many doubts about the actions to be taken. From a scientific point of view, self-awareness works because it activates the neurocortex, or our thinking brain. That part of us that analyzes things for what they are and judges them rationally. Precisely for this reason, self-awareness also increases confidence. The main characteristic of self-awareness is the ability not to take oneself seriously. To laugh…

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