2018 Horoscope authenticity renewal change

2018 horoscope proposes important changes on a personal and world level. Some keywords for 2018: intensity, authenticity, renewal, change. On October 10, Jupiter, the planet associated with expansion and opening towards wider horizons, entered Scorpio, the sign associated with power, death and rebirth. The planet will express its energy through magnetism, loss, regeneration, scientific research, and the discovery of all that lies behind the appearance. Jupiter is linked to sight, and will bring to light everything that is toxic and rotten behind the appearance in our society. Many secrets will be unveiled during 2018.

Intensity is the keyword of Jupiter in Scorpio and it will be through a more intense and passionate approach to life and relationships that we can expand our level of consciousness. To renew and grow we will have to get in touch with our most authentic and profound needs. Only by focusing our attention on what really counts can we move away from what makes us unhappy. Another key word of 2018 will be renewal. To evolve the human being must renew itself, must let go of all that is useless and that deviates from his destiny.

The sign of Scorpio is also associated with research, and in the course of 2018 no progress can be made in the scientific field, especially for the treatment of cancer. At the same time, some diseases and infections could spread more quickly and become a problem for society. Jupiter in Scorpio during the year will be in good aspect to Saturn, Pluto and Neptune, helping these planets to express themselves in the best way. A year is therefore favorable for the economic recovery.

From 20 December 2017 Saturn will be in Capricorn, his domicile. Capricorn is the sign associated with the institutions, the state. We will have to expect, from now until 2020, profound changes and restructuring in the institutions and in the use of power. The planet will in fact join Pluto, a planet that since 2008 has paved the way for profound political and social changes in recent years. And it will be solicited by Jupiter in Scorpio, a sign linked to death, symbolic and real.

Without doubt we will witness a radical transformation of power. At the end of an era that will happen through the end of important regencies (by natural or early end of the political mandate, perhaps due to a scandal), but also to the emergence of new economic and financial arrangements. The entry of Uranus into Taurus in May suggests very important changes in finance and austerity.

2018 is therefore a year of profound and radical changes that will involve very precise, even drastic choices. That will serve to bring humanity to the light, but also to create a better world. For this to happen it will necessarily have to die all that is no longer valid, which is toxic. To offer space to what can improve our lives and make us better people.

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