2018 Scorpio January Career Horoscope Love

2018 Scorpio January Horoscope, except for a few minor disturbances, with the start of the new year you will be physically fit. In any case it will be better to try to avoid situations of tension. If a skin disorder appears, even if apparently insignificant, try not to underestimate the thing or in the future the disease could get worse. Do not try to solve with home remedies, the advice of a specialist is much safer in these cases.

2018 Scorpio January Love

You will feel a great inner need to reorganize your ideas and feelings. You will dive into the depths of your heart to find answers to the questions your partner will ask you. The horoscope advises Scorpions to fall in love with not tormenting the person next to you with your jealousy. Because love is as delicate as a spring flower, if you let it dry, it will no longer smell. Some of you will have to understand if they really love their partners or if cohabitation has become just a habit. In this case, make decisions about the future, to formalize the union or to start a new cohabitation.

January is a particularly generous month for meetings. You will have the opportunity to make fascinating encounters. It is necessary, however, that you maintain a certain mental elasticity and an open attitude to dialogue. The horoscope advises not to show you too possessive and jealous, otherwise you run the risk of being alone.

2018 Scorpio January Career

Regarding the profession, the conjunction between Mars and Jupiter, both in your constellation, will give you great strength. You will have a special ability to make money, but you will have to be alert to sudden and unexpected changes. After the first half of the month, the sextile of Jupiter with Pluto could reveal a particularly difficult period; because you will feel like you are restricted in too small a space; and this could lead you to have real frustrations. On the positive side, there is Neptune’s presence in your home of talent and artistic skills, which will encourage some Scorpions to enroll in painting courses, others will start to sing or play individually or by participating in choirs and orchestras. It will be the case to perfect your voice or the instrument, with an expert professor.

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