Anauel Angel Spiritual Meditation

Anauel Angel highlights the Celestial aspect that each one has in itself, though in a type of existential experience that gives a great deal of practical, material, and also related to gains. Anauel’s powerful mercuric action makes it very energy related to the extrication of wealth and the ability to echo (through the means of communication) the ideas and activities of people. People born on the days of Anauel Angel can be brought to earn a lot of money. Anauel Angel sets out in the most accomplished way the energies of Michael Archangel to bring the individual’s thought to the outermost, when he is mature to express himself positively. Provided that, of course, this is compatible with the evolutionary spiral of people. This process may be in a blocking phase due to mistakes made in previous lives, in this case, Anuel Angel conscious prayer can unlock the situation very decisively.

Anauel Angel Qualities

The qualities developed by Anauel Angel are sensibility, generosity, universal love, tolerance, ability to offer mutual help; Logic and communication skills; High commercial capacity. The prayer to Anauel Angel gives protection from accidents and healing in diseases, peace, gains.
The Angel of the Abyss opposite Anauel Angel is called Toxai; Represents false wisdom and material ruin. Influences selfishness, inspires all those who ruin their own hands, losing peace of well-being and health because of wrong behaviors.

Abauel Angel Meditation – Appreciation

Meditation on this Name is based on an important premise: everything we take for granted loses value to our eyes; So a glass of water is worth nothing, but if the water is missing … all the gold in the world would not be enough to pay for that savory that saves us; The same goes for the health, safety of the people. Only by becoming aware of the appreciation due to the more trivial things that we become truly rich.

Now, focusing your vision on the Name, without thinking of anything else, breathing, allowing you to permeate deeply and for a long time by its meaning, pronounces this intention: I perceive gratitude and appreciation for everything I have been granted. Exalted by this awareness, understanding all the riches that bless my life and I feel rich.

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