Angels of help and dedication bring God’s blessing

The Angels of help and dedication bring God’s blessing to all those who have put their lives at the service of their fellows. They are represented holding a dove in their hands, a symbol of the permanent desire to help all beings. The angels of help are always next to all those who have profoundly understood the fundamental need of the human being to manifest altruism. All those who offer their services full of dedication, so that this planet becomes happier and their life better, are strongly impulsive and always protected by these angels.

These guardian angels offer protection to all those who help any being, blessing those who are always ready to do everything possible so that life on this planet is fruitful and happy. H elp angels offer energy, inspiration, facilitate access to the endless resources of the macrocosm to all those who believe, with their whole being, that it is very important to h elp others, so that what they do can be accomplished in best way possible. Many have had the opportunity to feel the precious h elp of these angels, and we have noticed that when we want to h elp our fellow beings and do something for others, we are much more intensely supported, and the way is freed us much more easily than when we work for ourselves.

The act of dedication can manifest itself very clearly in the work of those engaged in political and social life. This may be equally evident in the case of the wonderful beings, who, having more possibilities than others, disinterestedly help all those who need it. Healers and altruistic therapists are included here, just like any other human being who helps people without any personal gain.

These men are blessed, because they put their lives at the service of others. The world would not be so wonderful without the help of those who gave their energy and resources to change the lives of others well.

We pray to the Angels for h elp and dedication to support us for the awakening and amplification of our inner resources, and for obtaining the necessary things to help all those who deserve and need this help. For the unconditionally offered help, we become an active part of the world in which we live and integrate ourselves in the harmony of Universal Life. Our contribution to the general good is direct, true and lasting. We pray to these angels to bless all those who in any corner of this world, make our life better.

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