Aquarius October 2017 Career Horoscope Love

Aquarius October 2017 in love and in the profession to achieve harmony and happiness. To realize your important projects, accept the advice of a friend or family member. The Transit of the Sun in Libra until the 23rd of the month promises joy and happiness. This for you should be a moment of great balance, even if the planetary influence can not alone help you enjoy these days with calm and harmony. Much will depend above all on you. Do not be too receptive to hurting on you the anxieties and concerns of others, this could be very damaging to your well-being. Avoid excessive intake of garbage food and be prepared to relax with meditation when external pressure begins to become unsustainable.

Love Aquarius October 2017

In love, the month of October continues in the most harmonious and quiet way, especially for your emotional bonds. At this time, you are under the influence of two slow planets, one of them is Saturn, the other is Pluto. Saturn is the star of the deepest thought, but above all of love in its most inconceivable sense. Pluto is the star of what advances, new, changes. A mix whose horoscope reading is very clear, you will be fighting to try to modify everything that does not work in your loving relationship. Those of you who are experiencing a shaky pair relationship can strengthen their bondage, because with dialogue and goodwill on both sides, and with the help of the stars, you will be able to solve many of your problems.

Career Aquarius October 2017

At the beginning of the month you will face some challenges, however, the month of October is a good time. You can get the favors from an authoritative and powerful person, who together with your brilliant and exuberant mood will help you successfully promote your talents. In addition, you are under the influence of Saturn, who invites you to perseverance. The planet of continuity and rigor will be next to you until you have accomplished what you have been commanded to do. If you are going to change your work, or you want to start a business yourself, this is a good time to take new directions. Although initially you will not be fully satisfied with the economic revenue. The horoscope is convinced that in the long run it will be beneficial for you.

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