Ariel Guardian Angel Born November 8 to 12

Ariel is the 46th breath of God, and the sixth angelic ray in the Solar Choir of the Virtue Angels, Zodiacal home from the 15th to 20th grade of Scorpio, Ariel administers the energies of Venus. Ariel grants a subtle feel to overlook the appearances, what really happens, or what has already happened. According to tradition, Ariel is invoked to see the future in advance, discover hidden treasures and reveal the secrets of nature (with particular reference to the mechanisms of life and its reproduction). To help us realize our dreams can in fact open the doors of secret truths, but also to find hidden treasures.

Ariel illuminates the channel through which we receive material rewards, and moves to a great extent things in the field of vitality and love. By taking advantage of its influence, the person may invest money in the spread of spirituality; Moreover, the people protected by this Angel are given the innate gift of a remarkable manual skill that can be expressed in the art of Jewelery or the cutting of precious stones. People will have the marked tendency to exalt this world, but also the ability to organize it according to cosmic laws, in this case will have financial means to improve the order of things.ù


Anyone born under this influence will have ideas of genius, sublime thoughts, strong and subtle spirit. It will be discreet, acting with caution and succeeding in solving the most difficult problems by making the right decisions at the right time. He wants to meditate and know all the forms for understanding the secrets of mystical and occult subjects. He will discover that they will benefit from the purification of the spirit, always working in the service of spirituality, in favor of his fellow men. It will use technological means such as computer science, radiance equipment, transcription techniques, and aura meter to hear the frequency or stay of the enchanted.

All the angelic world will be at your disposal thanks to your work on Earth. It will occupy a prominent place in society. His motto is: conversing that he understands; he does not admit that people appeal to irrationality or instinct. By getting involved with the problems of those seeking you, you know wisely the right path. Never respect respect for the most experienced or the elderly. Every aspect of your life is predisposed to triumph. His reasoning leads him, to bring a golden crown that means possession of intellectual light. It represents power, conquest, and proof that the harmony of man with God is essential for living well.

Ariel Angel Horoscope

Love – Know how to advance when you have to do it, and do not move when the laws of life require it is the message of the angel. In other words, one must manifest his own love, his tenderness, who is right, and abstain from an unlawful situation.

Money – Economize and contain some of the things you do without enthusiasm. They have to save money, with great application, to avoid bad humiliations. However, it is not necessary to impose too restrictive restraints on others.

Health – Protects the lungs and bronchi. Healthy eating, pure air, sun. They will progressively have a great deal of power. but they take advantage of them to invade, occupy excessively, get hold of the spaces of others, they will be invaded in their body by negative cell proliferation.

Career – Social success ensured if you are doing softly with your staff, so that you can rejoice in joy. They will surround themselves with loyal friends, to share with them the lessons of daily life. However, joy and friendship, which are factors of success, must spontaneously arise, any external artifact will not yield fruit.

Esoteric Initiation – The angel grants material goods. Through prayer before falling asleep, one can receive the desired illumination about how to obtain physical goods and even the best way to use them. Gold is light, it is possible to act quickly and well, eliminating some concerns.

Ariel Prayer – Traditional prayer  is the 9th verse of Psalm 144 ( Suavis Dominus universis, et miserationes eius super omnia opera eius)

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