Aries July 2018 Angel Horoscope

Aries July 2018 is a good month to return to pay attention to the small signs, the less visible ones. It is the case that you notice the sunsets. It is the case that you finally spend time, with someone who knows that time is worth and can be bright and splendid, even spent doing simple things ….. how to sing a song or take care of a vegetable garden. In general, if you really can not go to people like this, which for you may be very nutritious at the moment, try at least not to attack. Keep neutral as much as possible, and if you are experiencing conflict situations, do not release the tension on others. Being who you are is the most precious thing in the world and you have to honor it, but be careful not to bypass other

Increasing the energy field means playing, taking oneself less seriously. Start by putting your body to fire and fire, starting to love it for what it is. Try to bring out even the emotions, not to silence the insights. Sometimes it’s not enough to sweat or get busy with practical activities. Sometimes you need to jump and jump for some time, until you really get your thoughts going, to shake them away from your bones, your muscles. You have to do activities that increase physical strength and at the same time get you centered. It may not be bad to dedicate yourself to circuits, specific training programs, even functional training

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