Asaliah Guardian Angel Born November 13 to 17

Asaliah directs the human will to exalt the Divine Thought, this Guardian Angel illuminates the social media so that the person has the opportunity to pronounce, without declaring to exhibit his merits or to express his opinions with the necessary incisiveness. The person will be very communicative, outraged, ready to convey his message, a sort of open door through which men and women can see the Celestial Way. These natives have a duty to proclaim the Celestial Order, to announce its existence, and the need to establish it; it is their job to seek the most effective means of listening and listening to this proclamation; if it were announced to a few, it would not have answered. Finally, Asaliah speaks specifically to thank God for the graces and blessings he receives whenever a request is received and fulfilled, it is advisable to ask Asaliah to raise our thanks and gratitude to God.

Anyone who is born under this influence will be a builder of angelic plans. Sweet and tender, will have a nice character and will be able to stand out thanks to its enormous charisma. Right par excellence, incorruptible and of high faith, truth will be a constant in their attitudes. Dynamic, lives his daily life in a spectacular way, exploiting every second for the immediate realization of every idea that arises. It will go beyond your power without dispelling energy. Elegant and solid, your hands will always be ready to act immediately, with dexterity and self-control.

It will be subject to sacrifices, because it will pursue its ideals, even when the circumstances seem unfavorable. Virtuous, sensitive and obstinate. They do not like confusion, especially those of a sentimental nature. Its good taste can be noted by the well-furnished home, with the comfort, for its good quality clothes. Proud, without being snobbish, sincerely accepts the doctrines of other people. It will always transform form, but it will preserve the essence of God.

Asaliah Horoscope

Love – Stability. Satisfactory life, although it has no expansion. Rejection of a glittering, but perhaps shameful, disillusioning love opportunity. This vacuum transition will end very soon, and will love and will be loved again, intensely

Money – Provisional times for a renewal of sources of income. A somewhat heavy economic situation, requiring mitigation measures. The angel advises to look at new ideas, new associates, to complete new accomplishments.

Health – Back in shape thanks to psychic remedies; its protectors must concentrate their energies with the aim of completing the project that springs in them. They will have to solve all social issues, through understanding the concerns of those around them, without letting them be dragged out of instability.

Career – Social and professional life will develop without incident, without disruption, in accordance with the stimulus of the superiors. If you put into practice your organizational skills, a large number of people will be around you.

Esoteric Initiation – Life Changes. To succeed in this change, you should move away from home, looking for light. Ask the details to your guardian angel, the night before you sleep.

Asaliah Prayer Psalm 104,24  (Quam magnificata sunt opera tua, Domine! Omnia in sapientia feristi, impleta est terra creatura tua)

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