Harmony Angels guide us to live a harmonious life


Harmony Angels pour blessings on us as we opt for a harmonious life. This harmony refers to all aspects of life and our being. On the physical level, harmony refers to the situation and the environment in which we decide to live. On an emotional level, it refers to the extent to which we open our hearts, to honesty and integrity. We live in harmony, even if only partially, if we learn to accept the link with the earth that sustains and nourishes us. If we give proper attention to…

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Patience Angels help us find happiness in us


Patience Angels teach that patience is a divine blessing, which gives us an optimistic view of life. These heavenly angels fill our souls with the strength of patience. The spiritual gifts they offer help us find solutions to conflicts to find happiness in ourselves; to give us the energy needed to complete the hard-working plans and achieve exceptional results. The angels of patience are close to us in all difficult times and help us to maintain trust. In the fact that our entire existence gradually becomes as we desire, when…

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Haziel Horoscope Birthday May 1 to 5


Haziel Horoscope , Birth Angel Haziel dispenses love and friendship; he therefore forgives all guilt, thanks to his gift, our Karma is canceled. When we pray and invoke, this angel can resolve anguished and disturbing events with his mere presence. To the people protected by the Angel Haziel, the great of the earth will nourish friendship and love; providential occasions will manifest themselves continually, on condition that they always and everywhere seek reconciliation. Love will manifest itself in intellectual circumstances; in fact, the mental development of the individual will be…

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Laviah Guardian Angel Born June 11 to 15


Laviah powerfully expresses the uranian energy in the crystallized framework formed by Saturn, and places the person in an area of ​​activity marked by maximum elevation. He realizes the function of internalization of Thought, opens a harmonious vision of the Cosmos and exhorts us to make practical use of all that works according to the Celestial Laws. Laviah is a very sweet angel and the person born under his influence has great affection and meekness of character. He also has a strong artistic temperament and will love music, literature, philosophy…

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Habuhiah Angel, Meditation Prayer


Habuhiah Angel meditation (establishing contact with the souls of the dead). According to Kabbalah this Name provides the most effective meditative tool to establish contact with the souls of the people we have loved and who are no longer with us. The profound intuition to which we must draw is that by letting this life the soul does not dissolve itself, it ascends to higher levels of existence, which are of greater reality than material existence itself. as if in the condition that we call the living, we were in…

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Nithael Guardian Angel Born December 17 to 21


Nithael dispenses the energies of Venus in the Venusian choir of the Principalities, Nithael Guardian Angel is therefore an angel bringing beauty, art and sensitivity. In fact, he dominates artistic and aesthetic talents; he is considered the angel who helps to perceive nobility of heart, and can also dispense a capacity for regeneration that helps to preserve youth in itself; gives center, ability to welcome others, helps to achieve celebrity and prestige. Nithael instills the beauty, the delicacy, the grace, the artistic sense and all the powers emanating from the…

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Asaliah Guardian Angel Born November 13 to 17


Asaliah directs the human will to exalt the Divine Thought, this Guardian Angel illuminates the social media so that the person has the opportunity to pronounce, without declaring to exhibit his merits or to express his opinions with the necessary incisiveness. The person will be very communicative, outraged, ready to convey his message, a sort of open door through which men and women can see the Celestial Way. These natives have a duty to proclaim the Celestial Order, to announce its existence, and the need to establish it; it is…

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Lelahel Guardian Angel Born April 15 to 20


Lelahel reveals to the person the most fruitful way to use their own resources; but at the same time it makes us aware of the existence of these resources and of how to access them. In this way it gives the power to put great opportunities to good use. Moreover, since Lelahel has the Venusian power to embellish everything, thanks to him, the person can enhance his natural beauty, enjoy good health, obtain happiness in love; but also to make good business and successfully undertake an artistic career. Lelahel dominates…

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Anauel Guardian Angel Born January 31 to Feb. 4


Anauel is the messenger of the Gods by definition; he captures all the messages directed to the Angels, mediates them and distributes them (through the lunar forces governed by Mehiel Angel). Anauel highlights the Celestial aspect that each carries within, even in a kind of existential experience that gives a great part to the practical, material, and also connected to the gain. The powerful Mercurian action of Anauel, in fact, makes it an energy very connected to the extrinsication of wealth and also to the ability to give echo (through…

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Mikael Guardian Angel Born October 19 to 23


The inner order given by Mikael is the ability to find in itself a balance in which the most diverse elements of our essence coexist. Mikael brings in the energy of his own name the same values ​​of charisma and power. It grants men an understanding of the laws of the Cosmic Order and helps the person to place his conscience at the service of such laws; and since the energy of Saturn structures the Laws, with the help of his Angel the person can become a great legislator. According…

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