Born June 16 birth horoscope traits

Born June 16 are very eager to capitalize on their investments, not only in the financial field, but also in other areas where they are committed to their energies. Even in less favorable times, they always succeed in getting some fruit out of their efforts and projects, turning their failings into them. In this sense they are real capitalists.

Born today look at the long run and invest in the future, rather than seek immediate earnings. If their projects do not initially produce profits or results, they do not worry too much about it, and are content to see them grow little at a time. In some ways they are like farmers who carefully prepare the soil, sow it at the right time, grow it and eventually harvest the fruits.
They are attracted to various forms of collection and savings: even just drawing up a complete inventory of a company is an activity to which they are willingly devoted.

They can, however, be mistaken for excessive caution and do not, by fear or indecision, make the right moves that could bring them more quickly to success.
They must also look to the tendency to greed and the accumulation of money; The more wise understand that money is something fluid, it is a form of energy that must be kept in motion, in and out, in a continuous flow, know that it is necessary to spend money in order to get it back, to double, triple or even more.

Born June 16 must also resist the temptation to jump too fast on the market, or to make a big career jump as lazy, or even to give a false impression to the loved one. They soon learn that too-sudden successes can compromise future opportunities, and must therefore seek a compromise between the impulse to act precipitously and know how to wait patiently: this is what the ancient Greeks called kairos, that is to know the right time for do something.

Generally, born June 16, they carefully choose their friends or business associates and have a sixth sense to those who try to exploit them. Some have median powers and are interested in spiritual and extrasensory arguments; For them there is no contradiction between physical and spiritual, between the material and metaphysical aspect of things: these people are at once practical and fanciful, in contact with all the possible worlds around them.

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