Caliel Guardian Angel Born June 16 to 21

Caliel is the most direct collaborator of Archangel Zaphquiel (who in turn accords to the individuals the space-destiny in which their dramas will be lived), with master’s hand directs the building values ​​of the Material World, which constitute its specialty. Likewise, the person inspired by his influence will realize his designs in accordance with divine energies without any arbitrary and unnecessary flowering and will have a strong imprint on his professional environment. The person born under his influence will be honest and guided by a sense of justice, endowed with practical intelligence and great memory; therefore particularly appealing to the judiciary, profession to which Caliel grants success and justice.

In fact, his energy is revealing of Truth, and thanks to him the Truth can be shown indisputably. The individual can manifest it where it is necessary, he will not teach doctrines, theories, moral principles, but will be able to bring his material evidence: scientific or anecdotal evidence; technical or creative evidence of internal evidence. Praying Caliel is always important when you are involved in a difficult situation (especially of a procedural type, with its lengths and obstacles), in which you know it is right.

Who is born under this influence is intelligent, irreverent, charismatic, and possesses a strong personal magnetism. It has an extraordinary intuition when it comes to discovering the truth by observing the true intent. He does not like what is vague, abstract, that he always wants to understand everything in every detail. Great intelligence, tremendous patience and perseverance, analyzes every situation coldly and objectively. It is incorruptible, loves justice, truth and integrity, and lovingly analyzes every small manifestation of everyday life. Your logic will be unassailable. He is a true “wizard” who can do miracles because his faith is unmoving.

Caliel Horoscope

Love – To love a person of lower cultural level will be convenient and source of great satisfaction. In the couple, one and the other will have noble and high behaviors and will attain the level of Perfect Love together. Innocence, candor; kindness in the small actions of everyday life.

Money – Sufficient enough but moderate, nothing more. Transparent Emoluments. Money is clean, even if it comes from litigation, or by winning processes. High Salaries as Magistrates or Employees in the Study of Notaries, Attorneys, Accountants, Legal Advisers

Health – Caliel protects hair and epidermis; it can be prayed for treating baldness, excessive hair loss, but above all, it should be invoked to prevent or cure any skin discomfort or skin disease

Career – They will receive honors at work. Magnificent magistrates, great lawyers capable of persuading them with their dialectics, can easily convey their own certainty. Policemen of great reputation, fine hounds, able to defend the innocent. Success in activities related to justice.

Esoteric Initiation – They Will Understand Divine Justice; they will express it and will be magistrates and magicians at the same time. They will know Cosmic Laws, those that allow the realization of every miracle

Caliel Prayer

The traditional prayer to Caliel is the 9th verse of Psalm 7 (Dominus iudicat populos. Iudica me, Domine, secundum iustitiam meam et secundum innocentiam meam super me)

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