Sitael Guardian Angel Born March 31 to April 4


Sitael emanates at the humans, the synthesis of knowledge on the origin of the world and gives revelations about the laws that govern the universe. Also allows, by the people, the externalization  of those elements – cosmic plan – that they were able to understand. Sitael represents and regulates the expansion power, giving the gift to take advantage of every thing. Its protected can be carriers of futurist ideas; simple, clear, bearers of enthusiasm and confidence in the future; They can easily become promoters of initiatives, aimed at creating a…

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Mahasiah Guardian Angel Born April 10 to 14


Mahasiah gives skills of observation and ease of learning, it helps to improve ourselves, makes understanding and allows to maintain peaceful relations with others . Born under this influence, they learn everything quickly and easily, including languages, because it brings memories of other incarnations. He is always changing, with great inner balance, sense of justice, generosity and wisdom. This is an example of virtue and the light of your aura can be seen clearly on the shoulders and head. His truth is the logical reason, addressed through the study of philosophy. it…

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Achaiah Guardian Angel Born April 21 to 25


Achaiah Guardian Angel from a collective point of view dominates the spread of culture throughout the world, fostering scientific discoveries and inventions useful to humanity. On an individual level, his mission is to reveal to the person the possibilities connected to his mental (or inner) organization, guiding to knowingly use his thoughts to understand the externalization of Divine thought, and to use the faculties that derive from it to organize his own life giving meaning and purpose. The Divine thought poured out by Metatron is poured into people through the…

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Cahetel Guardian Angel Born April 26 to 30


Cahetel guardian angel energy fertilizes expands and advances all that is undertaken. By invoking and following the will of your Guardian Angel, you can succeed in everything related to fertility and agriculture, in all the professions related to water and navigation, in commerce and in everything that derives from these areas. Cahetel favors everything related to the family and its improvement. The Angel gives extreme clarity to emotions, to the causes of our feelings of multiple nature, to their origins, to their potential. Consequently, and by analogy, this Angel is…

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Pisces Prediction Horoscope 2018 April


Pisces Prediction April 2018, the sextile of Venus in Taurus with Neptune in orbit in your constellation, indicates that love adventures will abound. Relations random you can form and dissolve, some leading to long-lasting friendships, others simply ephemeral like ships passing in the night. Love Pisces Prediction If you are married or in a sentimental relationship already started, you will find that minor injuries will have a great ability to heal quickly and will be able to create more strength within the couple. The horoscope advises to pay attention to…

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Elemiah Guardian Angel Born April 5 to 9


Elemiah Guardian Angel means Hidden God and his essence: Divine Power; it is the Power that derives from a Faith capable of rising up to God. Who possesses it knows that all good is possible; the good to receive and above all to give; and transforms one’s heart into a source to which one can draw in every situation of life. Elemiah Guardian Angel grants the person the power to repair; re-establishment of the rhythms and rules, of functioning of everything. Elemiah can also be invoked to end a difficult…

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Lelahel Guardian Angel Born April 15 to 20


Lelahel reveals to the person the most fruitful way to use their own resources; but at the same time it makes us aware of the existence of these resources and of how to access them. In this way it gives the power to put great opportunities to good use. Moreover, since Lelahel has the Venusian power to embellish everything, thanks to him, the person can enhance his natural beauty, enjoy good health, obtain happiness in love; but also to make good business and successfully undertake an artistic career. Lelahel dominates…

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Archangel Camael April Protector


Archangel Camael governs the month of April his name means (the right hand of God), or even (rigor of God), as it is the one who administers the Divine Justice and helps us in our will and success. Camael is represented by an Archangel with four immaculate white wings and an orange robe, a hand holding a sword in front of a blazing fire. With the Camael or Chamuel Help, in the core issues, we can assess what is the best way of life that allows you to harmonize his will with Divine Will, manifested through the…

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