Sitael Guardian Angel Born March 31-April 4


Sitael gives the synthesis of knowledge on the origin of the world to human beings and grants revelations concerning the laws that regulate the universe. It also allows the externalization of those elements of cosmic planning that they have managed to understand. Sitael Guardian Angel represents and regulates the power of expansion by giving the gift of making everything exploit. The people under his protection can be bearers of futuristic ideas, simple, clear, bringing enthusiasm and confidence in the future. They can become promoters of initiatives, companies or organizations aimed…

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Elemiah Guardian Angel Born April 5 to 9


Elemiah grants useful and exciting trips by sea, success in business and in industrial activities. Its energy ensures success in any professional activity and obtaining positions of responsibility and command. It also favors the reconciliation of old opponents. Elemiah Guardian Angel has the task of enlightening and promoting the integration of our feelings to our higher aspirations. Therefore guide to harmoniously associate feelings and spirituality. Of course, provided that their prayers are raised to him. Elemiah reveals how to integrate the element Water with the Fire element, indicating the best…

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