Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer


Archangel Sachiel is one of the most invoked Archangels, represents wealth, physical well-being, prestige, and money. Sachiel is the guardian of the animal kingdom and fertility on Earth Planet, Sachiel is very generous in helping humans in achieving their economic well-being, also represents optimism in dealing with life and is of great help in moments of sadness and discouragement. The money and the wealth that is received in any form through Sachiel’s help must not be withheld, but it must flow among people to improve the economic well-being of all,…

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Holy Archangels Money Prayer


Holy archangels prayer.Recite this powerful prayer to prosper, to earn money. If your desire is to buy a house, pay debts, have a prosperous career. – Lord in the name of Jesus, I (your name), I ask you to help me to win immediately, fortunately, the necessary and sufficient money to pay and solve all my financial problems. That Angelic Nine Choir help me fulfill my financial freedom. Praise Jesus, praise to our Almighty God, Creator of Heaven, of the Earth and of the Sea, let the 3 Holy Archangels…

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Sachiel Archangel Luck Prayer


Sachiel Archangel bestows gifts following laws incomprehensible to us, but later precise limits placed by karma .The poverty or wealth is evidence from overcome and every living being is free to choose how. Sachiel is depicted with a cornucopia from which flows rose petals and gold coins. In fact it is the bearer of good fortune, abundance of wealth in all its aspects, in cash, in agricultural crops, the majesty of royalty, the pomp of temples and residences, prestige. His presence gives hope, health, helps fight depression, sadness, despair. We…

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Metatron Archangel Prince of Angels


Metatron Archangel sitting on top of the tree of life – is a key figure in the Kaballah, where is the throne of God. The historical sources place Metatron in a very high position in God’s hierarchy, where it is considered the Prince of Angels, He who opens the doors to the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God. He can be called the voice of God and His task is to bring God’s thoughts, making manifest, through sound waves. His name does not appear in the Bible, while present in…

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Metatron Archangel special envoy of Divinity


Metatron Archangel is the special envoy of Divinity for all matters pertaining to our World: he determines the union between Desire and Reason, in order to project the abstract realities from the Supreme Worlds to the Lower Worlds. Metatron Archangel accords to our mentality and sensibility the power to clearly understand what exists in the Worlds of the Spirit in the form of possible creations, so that for us Creation becomes a coherent whole. Metatron Archangel can be defined as the Voice of God, and His task is to bring…

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Archangel Sandalphon helps people who pray with faith


Archangel Sandalphon is considered (the twin brother) of the Archangel Metatron. In the Book of Zohar, he is intimately associated with the mysterious Kingdom of God. For this reason Archangel Sandalphon is sometimes called the Archangel of the Holy Spirit. And this is why it is said that he helps those who invoke him firmly and faithfully to integrate their soul, and if their soul is not awakened, it helps them to awaken it. After that it helps and urges to integrate their souls with divine powers and wonders, which…

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The Sacred Line of St. Michael the Archangel


The Sacred Line of St. Michael the Archangel according to legend, it represents the sword stroke that the Saint inflicted on the Devil to send him back to hell. A mysterious imaginary line connects seven monasteries, from Ireland to Israel. In any case, the arrangement of these sanctuaries on the line is surprising. A warning from the Saint that the laws of God be always respected and the faithful continue in righteousness. Furthermore the Sacred Line is in perfect alignment with the sunset on the day of the Summer Solstice.…

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Uriel Archangel of February Flowers and Crystals


Uriel presides the month of February, his name means Light of God. He is the most radiant and luminous among the angels, often represented descending from heaven in a wonderful chariot drawn by white horses. Uriel is also known as the Flame of God, the Angel of Presence or Salvation, Prince of Light and interpreter of the prophecies. Uriel is one of the four archangels recognized by the Christian tradition along with Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. Uriel is the Archangel regent of the constellation of Aquarius … extrovert and revolutionary…

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Michael Archangel Power of Intellect


Michael Archangel is the Celestial Entity which the Creator uses to express his thoughts in the tangible world. Michael Archangel acts on the world of action. Therefore, at first thought was generated and put into gestation, then rectified and corrected, eliminating all the perverse contributions that our emotional nature sought to add. Now this thought is prepared with Michael Archangel to jump on Earth, so that everything is disposed according to the order of things adopted and invaled up there. Michael Archangel and his Angels Archangels pick up the experiences…

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Sacred Geometry and the Metatron Cube


Sacred Geometry is a coded language that the subconscious understands perfectly. He has helped many people change their beliefs and their thoughts and find the Purpose of divine life. The universe is composed of an infinite number of forms represented as Platonic solids. The forms of geometry belong to an infinite language that comes from the same source of our existence, in everything we can see, touch and feel. Sacred Geometry contains a very high vibrational information, with which we have access to a very deep understanding of the existence…

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Archangel Metatron Power of Powers


Archangel Metatron is the special envoy of Divinity for all matters pertaining to our World: he determines the union between Desire and Reason, in order to project the abstract realities from the Higher Worlds to the Lower Worlds. Archangel Metatron grants to our mentality and sensibility the power to clearly acknowledge what exists in the Worlds of the Spirit in the form of possible creations, so that for us Creation becomes a coherent whole. Archangel Metatron offers us the knowledge; reveals to us the goal, the goal, the projects of…

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Tzaphkiel Archangel Power of Concrete Thought


Tzaphkiel Archangel is the Orderer of the Universe in the twofold meaning of the term: order and put in order. He transforms the cosmic energies into Laws that allow the functioning of the Universe; consequently, it allows the Humans to first discover the Laws in question, in order to be able to adopt a behavior line in conformity with them. Tzaphkiel Archangel has therefore had the task of externalizing the Divine Work in our Universe: it has been, so to speak, the exporter towards lower levels and this role of…

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