Hesediel Archangel Prince of Dominions Angels


Hesediel Archangel is the great prince of the Angels Dominions. Hesediel offers to increase the power of joy in us, so that from this feeling of happiness, we can realize all that life requires. In joy we have great potential strength, which with its influence, helps to carry the burden of our lives much better. It is good to remember once again that Hesediel Arcangel is always willing to help those who are determined to obtain more joy, activity and abundance for their lives, seeing in this the great compassion…

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Camael Archangel Prince of Powers Angels


Camael encourages human beings to act through their own willpower. He is willing to empower us so we can be better people and act more effectively. Camuel Archangel is on God’s right hand. Lead the prince of powers, fight against weakness and all that is unjust and corrupt. Camael removes all the obstacles that prevent the fulfillment of God’s will. He would be responsible for the collective history and the karma of societies. He would have been one of the first angels created by God to assist him in creating…

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Archangel Tzaphkiel Prince of Thrones Angels


Archangel Tzaphkiel helps each one with his infinite patience and love, when we wish to detach ourselves and consciously free ourselves from earthly limitations, sufferings and sorrows. Archangel Tzaphkiel the contemplator of God, the guide of Abraham, prince of the Angels Thrones, is the angel who governs the our destiny and which unites its extraordinary power of purification and transformation that is presented here as Divine Mercy. It deals with the germination of our creative energy, our ideas and thoughts, bringing practicality and terrestrial energy to creation. When you have…

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Haniel Archangel Prince of the Principalities Angels


Haniel Archangel radiates the essence of charity and compassion and gives us abundant gifts. Haniel is the help in times of need, and the messenger who brings healing through love and forgiveness. Help solve love problems. His name means glory or grace of God. It can be invoked as a force against evil, when this evil is caused by the ignorance of being in relation to love. Aniel Archangel distributes happiness and makes life more beautiful. People influenced by this archangel are endowed with a strong humanitarian spirit. Generous, they…

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Archangel Michael Prince of the Archangels


Archangel Michael is the Lord of the kingdoms of light and it is next to him that legions of angelic hosts are aligned to strengthen the light and dispel the darkness. Archangel Michael is the warrior angel of light, known as the Archangel who fights evil and purifies the people and places of discord, transmuting evil into good. In moments of despair and loneliness, when suddenly it is possible to reverse the situation, through signs that happen, like a special phone call or a different circumstance that opens up, it…

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Gabriel Archangel Prince of the Angels


Gabriel Archangel is the guardian of our thoughts, words and actions, it is he who runs directly to our aid when we feel hurt, confused or agitated, failing to take the precautions that would be appropriate in these circumstances. Clarity, purity and sincerity are three virtues that are found in Gabriel Archangel. This powerful archangel, who guides the angels, helps us and envelops us with his light-filled being, supporting us when we have to repay old debts, including karmic debts. Alone, we often can not do it, but with the…

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Raziel Archangel Prince of the Cherubim Angels


Raziel Archangel is also known as Azrael, the name Raziel in Hebrew means secret of God. Raziel Archangel is the prince of the supreme mysteries, secret regions and originality. It protects humanity so that everyone feels positive and prosperous. It brings peace and kindness to people and is the guardian of wisdom and creativity. The Jewish tradition tells us that Adam fell ill, and that Raziel Archangel handed him a book containing all kinds of herbs in the world that could heal all of humanity. For this reason all the…

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Archangel Camael Rules the Month of April


Archangel Camael governs the month of April his name means (the right hand of God), or even (rigor of God), as it is the one who administers the Divine Justice and helps us in our will and success. Camael is represented by an Archangel with four immaculate white wings and an orange robe, a hand holding a sword in front of a blazing fire. With the Camael or Chamuel Help, in the core issues, we can assess what is the best way of life that allows you to harmonize his will with Divine Will, manifested through the…

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Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer


Archangel Sachiel is one of the most invoked Archangels, represents wealth, physical well-being, prestige, and money. Sachiel is the guardian of the animal kingdom and fertility on Earth Planet, Sachiel is very generous in helping humans in achieving their economic well-being, also represents optimism in dealing with life and is of great help in moments of sadness and discouragement. The money and the wealth that is received in any form through Sachiel’s help must not be withheld, but it must flow among people to improve the economic well-being of all,…

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Sachiel Archangel Luck Prayer


Sachiel Archangel bestows gifts following laws incomprehensible to us, but later precise limits placed by karma .The poverty or wealth is evidence from overcome and every living being is free to choose how. Sachiel is depicted with a cornucopia from which flows rose petals and gold coins. In fact it is the bearer of good fortune, abundance of wealth in all its aspects, in cash, in agricultural crops, the majesty of royalty, the pomp of temples and residences, prestige. His presence gives hope, health, helps fight depression, sadness, despair. We…

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