The benefits of negative emotions


Negative emotions, with their benefits, allow us to grow and become more complete people. Clyde DeSouza says that,¬†when the mind manages to free itself from the contamination of emotions, logic and clarity emerge surprisingly. This means that we can find good in almost everything we are and that surrounds us, even in the aspects that we consider negative. We must also consider that the society in which we live classifies frustration and anxiety as decidedly negative events. Love is always positive. To a deeper reflection, however, we realize that this…

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Intuitive Intelligence improves our decision-making ability


Intuitive Intelligence improves our decision-making ability to solve problems quickly. This is a concept that goes against the current, because we have always thought that to make good decisions it is necessary to think carefully, not be in a hurry and analyze the pros and cons of the situation. However, the truth is that in a society like ours, where there is an excess of information, having more data available is not always useful, but sometimes it can even confuse us or lead us to inertia. In fact, we all…

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Self-mastery and motivation in emotional intelligence


Self-mastery, although it must be understood primarily as self-control, therefore as a capacity to dominate emotions, does not imply the suppression, suffocation or negation of the same. From this point of view if all emotions are allowed, not all can be expressed. In fact, if we are not responsible for our feelings, for what we experience inwardly in front of behaviors or events, we are responsible for the way in which we decide to express them. In this sense, being endowed with emotional intelligence means being able to manage one’s…

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Career and characteristics of emotional intelligence


To have a successful career it is not enough to have a high IQ or be competent from a professional point of view; it is also necessary to have what Daniel Goleman calls emotional intelligence. If we were to list the factors that lead to success in life in general, and in particular in career, we would probably put lively intelligence, a brilliant school career, precise professional skills, and probably some factors related to fate. . All true, but not enough. For example, think of a person with an extraordinary…

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Self-awareness helps to control our emotions


Self-awareness helps to control our emotions. In fact, when you are aware that something is wrong, you are already solving the problem and you have already eliminated many doubts about the actions to be taken. From a scientific point of view, self-awareness works because it activates the neurocortex, or our thinking brain. That part of us that analyzes things for what they are and judges them rationally. Precisely for this reason, self-awareness also increases confidence. The main characteristic of self-awareness is the ability not to take oneself seriously. To laugh…

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We live in fear of losing what we believe to be ours


We live in fear of losing what we believe to be ours, believing we can avoid pain; we do not want to reopen old wounds. And we have the illusion of being able to escape suffering, but the only thing we get is to escape from ourselves. The mind corrupts love, thinking of what love involves transforms it into a problem. We need to give it an intellectual meaning. Finding what you love goes far beyond what we can understand by making use of reason. Our thoughts have the task…

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To you who cry hidden tears, do not give up


To you who cry hidden tears. To you who suffer in silence. To you who bear a pain that you do not deserve. To you who have made the decision not to speak not to hurt the people around you. To you who fight every day to go on. To you who try to improve and live with fear that others will discover your hidden tears. You do not deserve to suffer one more moment, you do not deserve to censor your pain, you do not deserve that others trample…

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Without enthusiasm one can not go far


If we think of enthusiasm, positive things come to mind to define it. So we usually associate it with positive values. It helps us to seek change and improve as people. Enthusiasm makes us grow and increases our quality of life, it is of great motivation to do what makes us feel good. This sentiment motivates us to resort to the means necessary to achieve the objective underlying it. It is an initial hope, fueled by the idea or by the presentiment of having found something positive. What does it…

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Good people are not weak or naive


Good people are not weak or naive. They simply understand the language of respect and affection, imbued with humility and altruism. Perhaps for this reason they sometimes feel out of place in a world full of selfishness and fugacity, of emotions that do not last, and of promises that are broken day by day. Good people are much more than what they give to see. They fight battles that only they know, silence unspoken words and hide the bitterness behind a gentle smile, because they do not want to look…

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Learn to neutralize anger


Expressing anger is a way to free yourself and let off steam, but some people do everything possible to repress their feelings and so do not release the energy they have inside. When anger is not unleashed in a destructive way, it can be useful, since it helps to free up the accumulated energy, which could damage us over time. There is a clear difference between neutralizing anger and controlling it: trying to control anger increases the likelihood of losing control, since this arises from fear, which can give rise…

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Close the doors of the past to be happy


Closing the doors of the past will give you the opportunity to dedicate yourself to your dreams and to set new goals to reach you. They say that people living in the past are overwhelmed by depression. If you think about it, it’s not that hard to believe. When we focus only on what we have had, we forget everything we have or could have. For this reason, it is essential to close with the past. Nobody wants to live in a halo of nostalgia in the memory of what…

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Vulnerability increases if we sacrifice our essence


When we sacrifice our essence and show ourselves how others want, we pay too high a price for approval and a false feeling of appreciation. Because in reality we do not like them but our appearance. The reflection we show them. We are not aware of the fact that life does not consist in sacrificing oneself to be accepted by others, but rather in discovering oneself and then offering the best of oneself. Well, if we decide to be what others want, we will make ourselves vulnerable to their manipulations…

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