Damabiah Guardian Angel Born February 10 to 14


Damabiah in Traditional Text is indicated as the source of all wisdom that transmits to the person a continuous flow, which becomes love and expresses itself outward in the form of goodness. Combats spells, curses and slander. If he acts as a Guardian he constantly transforms evil into good, protecting his client from any wickedness or negativity. his enemies will fight against an invisible protective wall. Give wealth and success in the activities related to water (springs, rivers, seas) and feelings. Damabiah has a sort of cathode ray tube capable…

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Habuhiah Guardian Angel Born February 25 to 29


Habuhiah favors the harmonious fusion of male and female energies. With your intervention, we can create perfect works. The images he depicts in the interiority of the person, push him to work obtaining success from his work. The abundance of results (economic, sentimental, spiritual) will be obtained in the type of activity that the person has chosen, and everything will become profitable and fruitful (even more so when fertility is important, such as agriculture or breeding of animals). When Habuhiah Guardian Angel exercises his influence on a person, he has…

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Mehiel Guardian Angel Born February 5 to 9


Mehiel disposes of lunar energies, yet he transmits to the individuals, with his lunar power, also the Mercurian virtues. These then become concrete in actions, becoming events and situations. Mehiel gives people outstanding skills of logic and rationality; it inspires examples and images with which to wisely explain anything. Mehiel Guardian Angel makes the person disclose and reveal their inner life. At the same time, the laying bare of one’s intimacy, of the domestic hearth, of the maternal love, of all that is placed at the root of the feelings…

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Anauel Guardian Angel Born January 31 to February 4


Anauel Guardian Angel highlights the Celestial aspect that each carries within, even in a kind of existential experience that gives a large part to the practical, material, and also connected to the gain. The powerful Mercurian action of Anauel in fact, makes it an energy very connected to the extrinsication of wealth and also to the ability to give echo (through the media) to the ideas and activities of people, who can therefore be led to earn a lot of money . Anauel Guardian Angel puts the energies of the…

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