Haaiah Guardian Angel Born July 28 to August 1


Haaiah is the 26th Breath of God and the second angelic ray in the Choir of the Dominions Angels, here administers the energies of Mars. Its element is Fire; has Zodiacal domination from the 5th to 10th grade of the Leo.¬†Haahiah infuses the sense of the right and the desire to build; consequently, his natives will tend to work in the world of politics, exercising his influence in diplomacy and the elaboration of treaties and conventions; and they will have the particular power to realize, and to organize in their…

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Melahel Guardian Angel Born July 12 to 16


Melahel dispenses especially precious healing as the ability to heal oneself and therefore others. Through an attitude to preserve and protect, and also ability to cure intuitively and through herbs. People born under the angelic influence of Melahel Guardian Angel, have a courageous nature, lover of travels and expeditions, even dangerous, ability to distinguish themselves for honorable actions. They have a great disposition to see and understand, Melahel penetrates the law into the intellect, so that the person can understand everything, remaining calm and lucid in every activity. Theses to…

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Virgo July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Virgo July 2018, Learning how to balance emotions is your current job, you have to take great care of everything that goes into your stomach. Know how to give value to what requires attention and commitment. Look at the emotions that must be contacted. If there are concerns, you should learn to drop them. If the past afflicts you and the repressed emotions overwhelm you, as you can enjoy a fully lived present. Do not blame yourself if you try something with intensity; you may not be perfectly centered, but…

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Leo July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Leo July 2018, You are nobody’s, and nobody belongs to you. You are not something to honor or to sacrifice. You are not a trophy or a weight. Anyone who makes you feel this way should be dismissed. And if you make yourself feel this way, you have to work hard to ward off these thoughts and replace them, because they are not nutritious. Try to spend time in peaceful solitude, celebrating silence and the possibility of failure and success, as if they were faces of the same coin. Resume…

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Cancer July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Cancer July 2018, Spiritual maturation lies in giving, sharing. Starting to give, listening to the heart also means knowing how to take action, one can not remain alone on an ideal side, also because people must also feel your practicality, which is very and often very special. Be careful not to download other parts of you that you no longer recognize as yours. Do not give in to old behavioral paradigms and keep up the desire to celebrate with those who love you. You should also accompany this ability to…

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Gemini July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Genici July 2018 is a period in which you intuit the change, which is then realized. Very often things are harmonics and these moments do not have too much distance between them. Buttiglione when there is too much time between intuition and the idea put into practice, disasters occur, or at the same time emotiveness and anxiety rise up. The point is that intuition should follow a decision and then a clear communication, but all these things are possible and correlated only if they start from a space of love…

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Taurus July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Taurus July 2018 invites you to find the strength to be yourself. You should find the strength to understand that if you started a movement that is now proving to be a stasis, everything needs to be moved. Change again. Otherwise, you find yourself at the service of those who do not value your service. Your generosity often leads you to deal with giving too much to people who do not deserve this movement. You need to bring everything on a plan of utility and respect first of all for…

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Aries July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Aries July 2018 is a good month to return to pay attention to the small signs, the less visible ones. It is the case that you notice the sunsets. It is the case that you finally spend time, with someone who knows that time is worth and can be bright and splendid, even spent doing simple things ….. how to sing a song or take care of a vegetable garden. In general, if you really can not go to people like this, which for you may be very nutritious at…

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Haheuiah Guardian Angel Born July 17 to 22


Haheuiah is an angel who is the source of life and health because it reflects the Cosmic Mother. In fact, the protection that it gives is also the capacity to preserve what is around us; his gift is also connected to the providential help that he can provide to the sick. Haheuiah is in his own choir in the position closest to our material world, where he shows himself in his maternal aspect to give birth and protect the lower life. His energy infuses understanding and guidance to understand Natural…

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Pahaliah Guardian Angel Born June 27 to July 1


Pahaliah restricts the possibility of initiative of the person, bringing its objectives to precise limits and prompt implementation, with the aim of infusing extreme vigor to his projects, precisely by narrowing the horizon. The will of the person will be so tenaciously focused and will not know any sagging. Pahaliah is in charge of re-establishing the Cosmic Law, giving maximum help to people in the struggle against the enemies of the Universal Order: even in the struggle against their own drives. In whatever circumstance and level the person is, with…

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Yeiayel Guardian Angel Born July 7 to 11


Yeiayel urges to seek the truth and to spread in their area through art and all forms of creativity and human relations.Yeiayel allows travel learning lessons from what we have seen. It brings success in business and in businesses. She teaches how to fully use the five senses to be able to act with awareness. It gives protection even in the event of economic and unexpected disruptions. It helps to overcome physical and spiritual discomfort. Whoever is born under this influence has the spirit guided by the principle of change,…

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Nelchael Guardian Angel Born July 2 to 6


Nelchael dispenses solar energies. Through him the individual becomes a bearer of justice and order, loves righteousness and is faithful to his commitments. According to the Traditional Text, people thanks to the influence of Nelchael will have access to the Truth in their intimacy. They will be able, thanks to the Angel’s support, to eradicate slander and dissolve spells; they will also be effectively helped to achieve the domain of exact and abstract sciences, from technique to philosophy. Nelchael’s energy also allows the love and friendship of older people to…

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