Pahaliah Guardian Angel Born June 27 to July 1


Pahaliah restricts the possibility of initiative of the person, bringing its objectives to precise limits and prompt implementation, with the aim of infusing extreme vigor to his projects, precisely by narrowing the horizon. The will of the person will be so tenaciously focused and will not know any sagging. Pahaliah is in charge of re-establishing the Cosmic Law, giving maximum help to people in the struggle against the enemies of the Universal Order: even in the struggle against their own drives. In whatever circumstance and level the person is, with…

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Leuviah Guardian Angel Born June 22 to 26


Leuviah represents and dispenses the part of the severe energies of Saturn that is linked to Jupiter, mitigated therefore by expansion and joy. Leuviah jointly inspires Grace and Justice. He hopes that the Law will be applied according to the Spirit. But since in his own chorus he represents Hesediel’s youthful energies, in him the Grace prevails over rigor. Leuviah supports the realization of a celestial world in the density of matter, and is the bearer of wealth and abundance in every sector of life. Its energy is aimed at…

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Caliel Guardian Angel Born June 16 to 21


Caliel Angel is the most direct collaborator of the Archangel Zaphquiel. Which in turn grants people the space-destiny in which their dramas will be lived. With a master’s hand he directs the values of edification of the Material World, which constitute his specialty. Likewise, the person inspired by his influence will carry out his projects in accordance with the divine energies, without any will and without unnecessary blooms and will bear a strong mark on his professional environment. The person born under the spiritual influence of Caliel Guardian Angel, will…

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Laviah Guardian Angel Born June 11 to 15


Laviah manifests itself through attraction. He grants to those who protect and who invoke him with prayer: great wisdom, balance and diplomacy; strong resilience from difficulties; ease in making known their talent, success and fortune in all kinds of activities, high economic and social levels, awards and celebrities. In fact, to the riches of Jupiter, the Angel unites the splendor of Uranus that accords fame. Laviah is the bearer of radical transformations and brilliant, sublime inspirations. Unconsciously, the person linked to this Angel will produce cathartic effects around him. This…

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Hariel Guardian Angel Born June 1 to 5


Hariel gives us the ability to see clearly, obtained after making themselves transparent. Hariel acts from interiority by directing the person’s intellect to works based on Love, though exempt from sentimentality. Logical and rational works capable of radiating comfort towards the world. It makes the intelligence bright and lively, giving it clarity and thus favoring the logical path to success, moral and material success. In order to arrive, one must avoid criticizing and joking, in order to make love flow out of itself through the uranian candor that makes everything…

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Hekamiah Guardian Angel Born June 6 to 10


Hekamiah grants royal power, he is in fact the genius of victory and presides (like the Archangel Michael) also in the battle, all that is relative to the human dimension of war and armies, protects the leaders. This does not mean that people will become such, but that in all of them there is the potential to develop attitudes to leadership or to become leaders in their environment. People subjected to the influence of Hekamiah will be volitive and respected. If they reach positions of command, nothing can take away…

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