Rochel Guardian Angel People Born March 1 to 5


Rochel gives its protected a marked clarity of thought, through which have a strong self-awareness. Faithful and honest have no problems in giving help when needed, usually their efforts in this regard are always rewarded. They have in most cases a considerable dialectic capacity in conversations, during which love to argue in detail their positions; for this reason they are naturally predisposed to work in the legal field, such as lawyers or notaries . Tradition says that Rochel is a carrier of immense clarity, which allows to regain what was once…

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Haiaiel Guardian Angel Born March 11 to 15


Haiaiel gives foresight and even prophecy, understood as instruments for understanding and transforming evil. Haiaiel grants people a penetrating lucidity that allows them to immediately distinguish without failing, the Good from Evil, the True from False. They will thus be free and intelligent, active and committed people, who set their lives towards goals of liberation from conditioning and slavery. Among the main functions of Haiaiel there is also the brotherhood. He has the task of turning friends into brothers: Friend is the one who thinks like us, Brother is a…

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Vehuiah Guardian Angel Born March 21 to 25


Vehuiah represents and administers the power of Love and Wisdom, capable of leading man to enlightenment by the Spirit of God. It can also be said to be the angel of the leaders, of the entrepreneurs, and by extension, of successful people. Veuhiah gives charisma and great abilities, teaches to dare (to undertake), helping to excel in one’s own specialty and to develop influence on things and people. Because of the structure of his name, Vehuiah is the angel of dynamism, which inspires even an action conducted with conscience and determination…

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Mumiah Guardian Angel Born March 16 to 20


Mumiah is the chief collaborator of the Archangel Gabriel, and the governor of the energies of the Moon – the unconscious forces that form the images of our inner self. Mumiah the Angel closer to the Humans, the one who turns all our dreams into reality. Indeed, Mumiah grants people the grace and power to accomplish all that they have begun; with his help, any experience (spiritual, economic, sentimental, professional, intellectual) will be successful. Because of the power of crystallization (petrifaction) that lunar energies produce wherever they occur; people can…

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Jabamiah Guardian Angel Born March 6 to 10


Jabamiah dominates all the phenomena of regeneration of nature and procreation. In the spiritual sphere it favors the study of philosophy and the diffusion of profitable philosophical ideas. Collaborating in the power of the Archangel Gabriel, he offers his energy to all those who wish to undertake a process of regeneration, supporting the rapprochement with God and the return to Joy. Jabamiah in its own lunar chorus represents the Venusian aspect, it is the most powerful among the Guardian Angels. Inasmuch as the energies of Venus support all those of…

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Sitael Guardian Angel Born March 31 to April 4


Sitael emanates at the humans, the synthesis of knowledge on the origin of the world and gives revelations about the laws that govern the universe. Also allows, by the people, the externalization  of those elements – cosmic plan – that they were able to understand. Sitael represents and regulates the expansion power, giving the gift to take advantage of every thing. Its protected can be carriers of futurist ideas; simple, clear, bearers of enthusiasm and confidence in the future; They can easily become promoters of initiatives, aimed at creating a…

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Jeliel Guardian Angel Born March 26 to 30


Jeliel represents and gives the power to concretize and consolidate any reality. it accords solidity, tranquility, fertility (vegetable, animal, human, labor), spouse’s fidelity, obedience and loyalty by children . He overcame processes and annul litigation, disputes, separations and divorces. Ensures success in construction and production activities. It also helps to make career in administrations, diplomacy and law enforcement. Jeliel reveals the mysteries associated with material accomplishments, all that is concrete in tangible terms. With prayer the person will get extraordinary intuitions, will have the opportunity to know the virtues of the…

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