Mebahel Guardian Angel Born May 26 to 31


Mebahel returns the lost hopes. He teaches us to love all things of creation, even the smaller and to rejoice in their beauty. He puts humans in touch with all that is high, and grants to learn to be just. It also gives access to material wealth while maintaining a sense of spirituality . Born under this influence will encoders dreams aware of the material and spiritual laws, the practice no utopia. Always the bearer of good news, will be a magnificent disinterested defender of innocent people. His ego and the strong presence of…

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Iezalel Guardian Angel Born May 21 to 25


Iezalel Guardian Angel combines the energies of Uranus and the Sun, bringing a message of fidelity to others and the perception of not being alone. Through Iezalel’s energy, the person is strongly driven to seek unity and unity. Unity is also to be understood as harmony in our double androgynous personality (the interiority in which our masculine and feminine are united), and also as harmony achievable in a balanced relationship of couple, in which the female masculine union is represented by two people of different genres, or otherwise assorted in…

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Aladiah Guardian Angel Born May 6 to 10


Aladiah Guardian Angel represents the forgiveness of Karma related to the present incarnation – therefore not in a general sense, as is the case with Haziel, dominating over diseases and pestilences; in particular the rage and the plague. Concretely it means that its influence acts concretely in counteracting diseases, while on the symbolic, it also contrasts the spreading of destructive mentality that threatens man by afflicting the soul. Aladiah Guardian Angel responds to invocations for healing, and gives the person the power to cure; great gifts for careers in entertainment,…

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Hahaiah Guardian Angel Born May 16 to 20


Hahaiah is an Angel of refuge, because thanks to the Love that emanates (by virtue of the energy of Uranus), it provides an effective armor against any adversity. It can give peace and protection to all those who feel persecuted. His help appears, in the life of the person, to instantly resolve difficult situations, forcing them to ascertain their providential presence. Love will manifest itself, through favorable events or the powerful support of friendly people, in dramatic moments; it will come from the sky like a dream, like an unreal…

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Ambriel Angel Rules the Month of May


Ambriel Angel is committed to encouraging growth throughout the month of May. Ambriel is the angel of growth, communication and protection. May sees the trees grow, the shrubs are in bloom and the earth becomes fruitful. A new life cycle begins. Ambriel helps develop and implement ours inner potential and gives the capacity for fulfillment. This Angel guides us to recognize the voice of God within us. By invoking Ambriel, the positive energies can be channeled it will succeed in balancing the relationship between appearance and substance. This Holy Angel…

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Lauviah Guardian Angel Born May 11 to 15


Lauviah Guardian Angel manifests through attraction, grants the person great wisdom, balance and diplomacy; strong resilience from difficulties; ease in making known their talent, success and fortune in all kinds of activities, high economic and social levels, awards and celebrities. The first task of the person is to understand that his inner self can inhabit the common reality only in part. They are always also elsewhere; their mind, their talents, and their aspirations belong to a large extent, to the afterlife, to that side of the universe in which time…

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Haziel Guardian Angel Born May 1 to 5


Haziel Guardian Angel was the birth angel of François Bernard Termés, a noted angelologist theologian who later signed all his books with this pseudonym. Termés-Haziel says that this angel is a kind of love machine. Haziel Guardian Angel incessantly emanates love and friendship, thanks to which we can love and make ourselves loved, and through whose guilt it is forgiven. Thanks to this gift, our Karma can be quickly renewed and lightened. When we pray and invoke Haziel, his energy can resolve anguished and disturbing events. Through the intercession of…

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Archangel Jophiel May Protector


Archangel Jophiel rules the month of May, its name means (Beauty of God) is the Archangel who gives light through His angels, is the One who manifests the Angelic signs and coincidences. Archangel Jophiel is widely known as the (Master of Magic, the Light of Knowledge). He has the duty to instruct the Angels who then become our Guardian Angels. In collaboration with His angels he teaches with love, to our dead like (and want) to reincarnate; It will explain to them what were their errors during the Earthly Life. Angels who…

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