Asaliah Guardian Angel Born November 13 to 17


Asaliah directs the human will to exalt the Divine Thought, this Guardian Angel illuminates the social media so that the person has the opportunity to pronounce, without declaring to exhibit his merits or to express his opinions with the necessary incisiveness. The person will be very communicative, outraged, ready to convey his message, a sort of open door through which men and women can see the Celestial Way. These natives have a duty to proclaim the Celestial Order, to announce its existence, and the need to establish it; it is…

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Vehuel Guardian Angel Born November 23 to 27


Vehuel is defined as the most sublime and exalted angel, the one that unites, fuses and permeates the pleasures of Heaven and Earth: it intensifies sensory perceptions and creates splendor, physical and moral, around the people who rely on him. Vehuel Guardian Angel lets the Humans discover the beauty of the Divine Order; but for this to happen, it promotes the alliance between those who resemble each other, so that they can build together a new society based on common joy. So people assimilate, so to speak, incorporate friends to…

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Sehaliah Guardian Angel Born November 3 to 7


Sehaliah Guardian Angel administers the energies of the Sun in the Solar Chorus of Virtues. is a fully solar angel that gives energy, vitality, health and longevity, just as the sun expels them on earth. Through his intervention the sick person can heal, the one born in a poor family can enrich himself, those who are marginalized, degraded, humbled, can be elevated, what is sterile can become fertile. With his help everyone can turn their impulses to the good; their projects can be realized and in turn they can awaken…

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Daniel Guardian Angel Born Nov. 28 to Dec. 2


Daniel is the 50th breath of God and the second angel ray in the Venusian Choir of the¬†Principalities Angels, here administers the energies of Saturn. Fire dominant element; Zodiacal house from the 5th to the 10th degree of Sagittarius.¬†Daniel stimulates love for the command in general. The person will be led to head, will be of high rank and rank. At the same time Daniel assures the sympathy of executives. As a result, its protected people will not find employment or access to positions of considerable responsibility. All that Daniel’s…

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Ariel Guardian Angel Born November 8 to 12


Ariel is the 46th breath of God, and the sixth angelic ray in the Solar Choir of the Virtue Angels, Zodiacal home from the 15th to 20th grade of Scorpio, Ariel administers the energies of Venus.¬†Ariel grants a subtle feel to overlook the appearances, what really happens, or what has already happened. According to tradition, Ariel is invoked to see the future in advance, discover hidden treasures and reveal the secrets of nature (with particular reference to the mechanisms of life and its reproduction). To help us realize our dreams…

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