Menadel Guardian Angel Born September 18 to 23


Menadel on the spiritual level is a step in the ladder leading to Chavakiah. Even under his guidance, therefore, the person is driven to undertake an arduous work of reflection on himself. Menadel inspires awe also to the mystics, because he is (the foreman) of the Divine Factory, as the representative of the leader (in this case – since in his choir he dispenses the energies of Mars, of the Archangel Camael). It is up to him to show us the work we must do. It is up to us…

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Haamiah Guardian Angel Born September 29 to Oct. 3


Haamiah protects the person from all forms of negative energy (including accidents), while on the collective level dominates all religious cults. His energy wisely doses the energies of Mars and those of Venus, which are thus vitalized from one another, and causes the beauty and harmony of the Upper World to descend towards our material world. In the days of Haamiah some eminent personalities were born, whose influence has been expressed in ways and directions that seem opposed. But that revolve around the same, eternal struggle between the forces of…

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Yehuiah Guardian Angel Born September 3 to 7


Yehuiah also dispenses the gift of subordination, because the agreement he grants is the ability to subordinate personal good; knowing how to renounce their comforts and privileges for a high cause or for the good of others, while going to meet discomforts and privations. The Traditional Text says that Yehuiah protects the worthy and honest Principles, assists everything that is higher in us. This idea of ​​protection also includes work. His energy will induce us to work for the Prince we carry in us, so that our lower instincts obey…

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Aniel Guardian Angel Born September 24 to 28


Aniel strengthens in people the Will, represented by the energies of the Sun, making them determined, volitive and integral persons. The energy of Mars will manifest itself instead in the Conscience (governed by the Sun), eliminating the past errors and the evil that derives from it, giving the person a balanced character without aggression. Aniel is the angel called to make the Divine Design intelligible to us. However, it is impossible to learn anything without effort. The characteristic of Aniel, closely linked to the severity of the Archangel of his…

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Chavakiah Guardian Angel Born September 13 to 17


Chavakiah incites to reconquer the mythical Eden that we were forced to leave. For this reason the I-morality of its births will find expression in beneficial expeditions carried out in dangerous areas. They may find themselves having to deal favorably with problematic people or otherwise in serious difficulty. These experiences will aim to make people who are born under the spiritual influence of Chavakiah understand, who must proceed to an inner review, perform a kind of inner journey to get to know themselves more deeply. Invoking the Angel will be…

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Lehahiah Guardian Angel Born September 8 to 12


Lehahiah grants his gifts and powers to the individual because he makes them available to some valuable, or historically important, person to assist him with devotion, respect, seriousness, loyalty, and discipline, and be in return generously rewarded. In everyday life, this prerogative translates into the tendency for Lehaiah’s patrons to enjoy full confidence from superiors, who in the professional field will give them all sorts of work-related rewards. Lahahiah loves those who work hard but gives full safety in the continuity of employment. People will have to stay in close…

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Vasariah Guardian Angel Born August 29 to Sept. 2


Vasariah is the 32nd breath of God and the eighth angel ray in the Choir of Dominions Angels , here it administers lunar energies. Its element is the Earth; Zodiacal residence from the 5th to the 10th grade of Virgo. Vasariah transmits strongly and vigorously the energies of Jupiter (wealth, well-being, joy) in the interior of the people (like all angels who administer the moon powers) in his Choir acts at the most incarnate vibratory level (and hence closer to men) . Because of this nature, it manifests its influence…

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