Close your eyes and imagine that dreams come true

Close your eyes and imagine that your dreams come true . Just for today, allow yourself to feel life with the same hope as a child. Just for today, turn off the noise of pressures, fears, obligations and keep the buzz of toxic environments. Do it, get air, breathe deeply, close your eyes and trust. Imagine for a second that what you wait for arrives. Allow yourself to be confident and that your dreams will come true.

Dreaming is free, but there comes a moment when the mind gets tired of wandering through lost islets, to worlds satined with happiness and in which the goals are conquered as if by magic. A little at a time we lose hope of the value of dreams, because reality is sometimes harsh, acidic like lemon, dark like the coffee we drink in the morning to wake up as soon as possible from our nocturnal sleep.

We could say, almost without fear of making mistakes, that we stop dreaming as before, we stop asking for fleeting stars, because we take care of a heavy bag of frustrated destinations, of hard delusions that without intention, have almost completely modeled our heart and turned off that flame, which once made us believe that everything was possible.

However, and this should be well kept in mind, a characteristic that has always defined the human being is his inexhaustible ability to dream, to digress by impossible hypotheses, to fantasize about different variables of reality, to delineate a treasure map that it stimulates him to continue; which represents the fuse that ignites motivation and gives strength and courage to continue in an endless struggle, where those who are discouraged and stop dreaming are left behind.

Close your eyes so that your dreams come true … then open them to build your reality
We visualize for a moment that person who has grown tired of dreaming. Give her a face. Far from seeing his attitude as admirable, it is necessary to deepen all that lies behind it. Because someone who does not dream, who does not project his desires or does not allow himself to relativize his reality, endowing it with desires and alternative paths, has simply lost hope. And nothing is more devastating.

Perhaps they convinced her by saying that happiness was a promise to wait in a corner. Perhaps he has read thousands of books of the most radical branch of positive psychology, which often praises the law of attraction. Well, it must be said that today a movement emerges, which would perhaps be of great help to the person we have visualized, and to whom we have probably given a name.

Happiness, in large part, goes from being able to manage correctly the negative emotions and the disappointments, from which emerge and tolerate the frustrations. In this sense, great efforts are often not rewarded with results of the same magnitude; there’s more, sometimes they’re not rewarded at all. Life is often fallible and not very consequent and we can not do anything but accept it.

However, it continues to be vital to go beyond the backstage of our immediate reality every so often to get us wrapped up, to immerse ourselves and run away with dreams, desires, ambitions … It is a way to continue to be alive and to renew hope, because in dreams you turn on the fuse of creativity and second chance.


Do not sleep to rest, sleep to dream, because dreams are made to be fulfilled

Walt Disney

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