Collective narcissism – we are the best

Collective narcissism is the basis of a great image and free from the faults of its own reference group. As with the singular form, collective narcissism also has a normal and pathological appearance. Enriching the image of your own group of affiliates, emphasizing their qualities, and making sure that they come true is not bad. The extreme and pathological form of collective narcissism is characterized by the lack of an objective judgment: the group is perfect, there are only very high praise, and all the allegations raised in it are infamous lies. According to Erich Fromm, social narcissism is the basis of phenomena such as racism, the consequences of which can be very dangerous.

As narcissists do not accept criticism of their own and arrives to drive away all those who move, collective narcissism can lead to wars. When the collective image is questioned, the narcissists defend themselves through the attack!

The narcissist group is grouped around a charismatic leader who exalts all the qualities of the group and on which individual members project their narcissism: protecting and exalting the leader means protecting and exalting oneself.

Narcissism is very much about the new technologies: social media, selfie, like, all are possible tools that feed the ego. What is the relationship between digital and collective narcissism? It is not just a land on which it is easier for each of us to create an ideal image of ourselves: collective does not just mean that it is done in so many.

A search by Alksandra Cichoka (2015) published on the British Journal of Psychology has sought to highlight collective narcissism by adhering to conspiracy theories that circulate on the net.

In general, the researcher emphasizes that there is already evidence in the literature about the link between collective narcissism and conspiracy. If we think of the previous definition it makes sense: my group (which is wonderful) can not have any defects, all that has a negative comes from an external enemy (to be removed) and since my vision is not objective is more It is easy to think that the evidence is not visible to everyone, but hidden from a plot.

Specifically, the researcher emphasizes the following conclusions:

> Collective narcissism leads individuals to be more sensitive to possible threats to their target group.

> Compared to those who do not present this construct, collective narcissists are more likely to justify such threats through conspiracies.

> Collective narcissism is not related to the adherence to internal conspiracies (government, domestic politics, etc.), which must therefore be explained through other constructs.

This latter consideration is important because it emphasizes that certain Internet messages that hover over the superiority of their own group could re-propagate and fuel the convictions of a foreign group conspiring against the well-being of the group.

Every likewise, every sharing, but also the simple comment, even if it is opposite, to such content on the net has a positive value in terms of visibility becoming a potential fuel for collective narcissism.

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