Daily prayer to the Guardian Angel

Prayer to the guardian angel, Angel who guard me, give me the strength to realize my growth goals, give me the spirit of collaboration and service. It strengthens my will with your strength. Help me in everyday things, both material and spiritual. Develop in me your angelic qualities, who see my faults, and possess compassion and patience. Help me to control thoughts, desires, and actions. Support me on my way to life and protect me from the assaults of the Darkness. So be it.

Morning Prayer

My Guardian Angel, a new day begins. I open my eyes and you have never closed them. As you protected me for the night, keep watch over me, protect me and bless you this day. That I do not lose the calm, the hope and the confidence. That he may receive love and give it to all those with whom I will come in contact.

Thanksgiving Evening Prayer

I bless you and thank all of you, Angels of God the Father. Thanks for the love, protection, closeness and the gifts you brought me this day. My thanks, my gratitude, are like white flowers that I put on your feet, and that you will carry the throne of God.


Prayer for Quiet Sleep

Holy Angel who guard the serenity and the sleep, please come to my side. I ask your Divine Presence to guard me and protect me. Your peace is with me all night, make my sleep calm and my serene dreams. Removes anxiety, fear, disturbances, with you near, no dark power will dare to approach my soul, my body, my spirit. It makes me rest, enlightened and confident of my awakening. So be it.

There are prayers for all the occasions and for all the moments of our lives, and all are important, for prayer is a crying upward, to a dimension where there is always someone listening, ready to intervene.

I firmly believe in the beneficial effect of prayers; is a gesture of trust, hope, love

Prayer opens a channel of Light through which great energy flows. When we raise a prayer, we open a door to the other, and in the shelter, loving creatures, bring us protection, rescue, inspiration, answers, help, and blessings.

Praying means having confidence, and trust in the Angels and in God always gets a benevolent answer.

Prayer purifies an environment, dissolves negativity, removes the gray cloud of envy, improves mood and above all raises our hearts towards the Celestial kingdoms, who are always listening, although sometimes it seems to us that the late response to arrive .

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