Damabiah Angel Spiritual Meditation

Damabiah Angel in the Traditional Text is referred to as the Source of all Wisdom that transmits to the borns in its days, a continuous stream that in the soul becomes Love and expresses itself in the exterior in the form of Goodness. It fights the sorceries, curses, and maladies. If he acts as the Guardian Angel, he constantly transforms evil into good by protecting his assisted by any malice or negativity. Its enemies will clash against an invisible protective wall. Gives wealth and success in activities related to Water (springs, rivers, seas) and Feelings.

Damabiah Angel is able to capture in the area around people everything that is related to their mental structure and to make it available to the person himself, consequently, when the angel is active (because she is guardian or because she is invoked) The person will feel happy in a group of friends, where he will work serene, in a partnership characterized by serene conviviality; Teamwork will lead to very positive results.

A problem may arise if a person searches for deliberate individual experience, but at the same time is forced to work (live) within a community, in which case the outcome will be less brilliant, as it will become operational Influence apparently similar, but actually diametrically opposed (that exercised by the Angel of the Abyss). The person will be meditated on the meaning of things and events, and hence professions such as teacher, philosopher, inventor.

Damabiah Angel Qualities

The qualities developed by Damabiah are wisdom and diplomacy, anxious to the knowledge; A tendency to deepen. Spontaneity and vivacity of spirit, intuition of the Upper Worlds, love and respect for the Water. The Angel of the Abyss opposite Damabiah Angel is called Elaphon, it represents the sorceries and the disbelief. It inspires emotional and physical storms and waves, confusion of feelings. Cause all that is harmful is connected to the sea and the rivers: storms, shipwrecks, floods.

Damabiah Angel Meditation – Fear of God

Damabiah-Angel-Meditation.jpgUnderstood as consciousness of how everything is connected, mistreat someone is how to put your fingers in an electrical outlet, being struck by a discharge that otherwise would not hurt us. It is not therefore the electrical energy that is feared, but the action that can put us in dangerous contact with it; God’s fear is the conscience of the future consequences of our actions. According to Kabbalah, this Name provides the power to carefully evaluate things in their reality.

Now, concentrating on your vision of the Name, without thinking of anything else, breathing, allowing you to permeate deeply and for long by its meaning, pronounces this intention: in my heart I realize the divine spark in every being. I perceive the consequence of every word and every action, understanding that sharing with others also gives me precise direct consequences.


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