Daniel Angel Qualities and Meditation Prayer

Daniel Angel Meditation , enough is never enough. According to Kabbalah, in fact, Daniel Angel offers an effective meditative tool to become aware of his own value. And also understand what are the things we really need and for which we must commit ourselves. Understanding that one deserves more (in the profound sense and not the mere material acquisitions) helps to understand if in our life we are accepting compromises that end up mortifying us. In fact, sometimes we are satisfied (in the sense that we sell out). Ending to underestimate ourselves and give up aspiring to a true realization.

Daniel Angel Qualities

The qualities developed by Daniel are concreteness, capacity for synthesis and analysis. depth of reasoning and simplicity of expression; love for beauty and art. Daniel grants the gifts of eloquence or singing; magnetic character, able to console and help others. People born in the days (November 28 to December 2) are reflective, good advisors. Bearers of harmony and justice in the most human sense of the term. Daniel gives protection from attackers. Barionath is the Angel of the Abyss opposed to Daniel Angel; it represents pessimism and rancor. It causes intransigence, excessive severity, accusation, delation, fraud. It inspires to live with illicit means.

Daniel exhortation
The angel Daniel urges us to become attentive judges of themselves and of the world. To exercise all the mercy, compassion and trust necessary to develop one’s talents. With his help he invites us to get the best out of ourselves, others, and circumstances, in everyone’s interest.


Daniel Meditation

Now, focusing your vision on theĀ Name Daniel. Without thinking about anything else, breathe letting you permeate deeply and long by its meaning, pronounce this intention; for the energy of this name I ask for help in identifying the true goals for my happiness. My eyes and my heart remain focused all the time on the final goal. Awakening perseverance and passion, the determination not to be satisfied ever, but never, at least.

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