Daniel Guardian Angel Born Nov. 28 to Dec. 2

Daniel is the 50th breath of God and the second angel ray in the Venusian Choir of the Principalities Angels, here administers the energies of Saturn. Fire dominant element; Zodiacal house from the 5th to the 10th degree of Sagittarius. Daniel stimulates love for the command in general. The person will be led to head, will be of high rank and rank. At the same time Daniel assures the sympathy of executives. As a result, its protected people will not find employment or access to positions of considerable responsibility. All that Daniel’s personality will accomplish will be characterized by an extraordinary, glamorous, ruthless beauty. If his profession is the architect, he will design a wealth of rich beauty, rich in singular details, which will distinguish them by placing them at a much higher level than that of the utility building.

Indeed, born under this angel has great fineness of behavior, discernment and sense of justice, and thanks to their eloquence are also the best possible defenders; it can be said that they are judges or lawyers born, even if they do not practice these professions. Daniel prays especially for legal issues.

But although it is indicated as the angel (which serves to obtain God’s mercy) and that (justice is dominated by lawyers, prosecutors, and magistrates), its most important function is in everyday life, and is posing in a positive way who, having to make an important decision, feels in uncertainty. On the existential level, Daniel leads to detachment from matter to perceive truth in its essence; but relying on his help also brings her protected to develop the gift, in their innate, of a marked sixth sense for business.

Anyone who is born under this influence will be laborious and will carry out all his activities with great love. You will understand that your intuition can reach the genius when you are invited to discuss or even when you are among friends. You have luck and protection against disease. Determined, you do not like everything that is unclear and well explained. Patient to the extreme, will be able to support almost all people, but refuses to be unjustly recruited, can be tough and aggressive if the person is not right.

Daniel Horoscope

Love – A new love will manifest before you, suddenly, this will amaze many people. It will be a kind of force of nature, perhaps a collective love: to be loved by a community, from the whole neighborhood, from a village, this great love will give rise to jealousies in those who reign on your heart

Money – The future prospects are excellent, but they can not find an immediate achievement. Some obstacles are still present and you can only do preparatory work, in view of very important gains in the near future. Wait and wait for yourself to be spared

Health – Protects joints. Retrieving animic form: Positively resolve antagonisms around it. Understanding above all about unimportant things; articulate what’s different

Career – Many of your inner values ​​have matured. They have now reached fullness, this makes you a natural leader with authority over your employees. You will get everything you want, but without using force, without arrogance, always with elegance. Your work will be appreciated by whole collectivity

Esoteric Initiation – You are destined to open the doors leading to the guardian angels, to divine omnipotence. Angel Daniel will enter into you the necessary light, if you invoke it before falling asleep, or before your many loving, artistic, or artisan fantasies.

Daniel Prayer

Daniel’s traditional prayer is the 8th verse of Psalm 103 (Miserator et misericors Dominus, longanimis et multae misericordie)

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