Elemiah Guardian Angel Born April 5 to 9

Elemiah grants useful and exciting trips (especially by sea), in business and industrial activities. Its energy ensures in any professional activity and obtaining positions of responsibility and command. It also favors the reconciliation of old opponents. Elemiah has the task of illuminating and promoting the integration of our feelings to our higher aspirations. Therefore guide to harmoniously associate feelings and spirituality. Of course, provided that their prayers are raised to him.

Elemiah reveals how to integrate the element Water with the Fire element, indicating the best ways to conquer the most difficult balances. Thanks to his , the loved ones will teach us precious things. It grants people born in these days the power of reparation; the restoration of the rhythms and the rules of operation of everything and also the obtaining of wealth. It is therefore invoked to avoid excesses, and to put an end to a difficult period and to start a new happier course of life.

People born under the angelic of Elemiah , are true seers perceive the future and what is hidden in the soul of others. If the people born during this period used the gift given by Elemiah , they would obtain and would make those who listened to them enormous benefits. Since their specialty consists in grasping the most concrete, economic and financial aspects of all that their vision can explore.

But they are not good to be taken seriously, perhaps because they fear a little ‘these powers, or because they fear even more , the clamor that would arouse. It would be so beautiful and so easy, for them, it would only be necessary for them to let themselves be guided by amazement (a subtle sensation of surprise is, in their mind, the simple signal of that portentous radar they have since birth), and which added to the amazement a minimum of curiosity, of tension of the inner gaze towards some well-defined goal.

In a moment they would have all the answers, but they do not want to. They are persuaded that when they find themselves under the eyes of many, they can no longer hide some aspect of their personality, which seems to them too humble, insignificant. Worse: hypercritical as they are to themselves (this is in fact their greatest flaw), they believe that any dose of would bring out in them absolutely odious defects, such as presumption, insolence, vulgarity.

Thus, the majority of these people meet the hard fate of those who refuse their extraordinary gifts. Instead of providing food to some other more ordinary quality, those unused gifts become an embarrassment, and curb, like indignant spirits, every other career, forcing them to mediocre existences, to roles that are always secondary.

January 12
March 24th
June 6th
August 20th
November 1
Every day from 1.00 to 1.20.

Psalm 6:5 Convertere, Domine, et eripe animam meam; salvum me fac propter misericordiam tuam

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