Empathy of women encourages forgiveness

Empathy is the ability to gain access to the inner world of another person, to perceive their feelings and thoughts beyond what others express verbally. This is a different understanding from the intellectual one, which focuses on the facts and dynamics of the incident. Empathic understanding seeks to grasp those clues as to how the person has experienced an experience. This is only possible when the observer sets aside his own assessment schemes of reality, to see the world through the grids of the other’s meaning. Empathy is characterized by a total acceptance of the emotional reactions of the other, without trying to make them or share them, but only to understand them.

It is widespread that women are predisposed to the management of interpersonal relationships, and the cause may reside in a natural predisposition. According to researcher Baron-Cohen, the female brain is programmed to open itself empathically to the other. Evidently this differentiation would be useful especially in the early months of the baby’s life. A woman who has become a mother needs to get in deep contact with a newborn who can not speak to understand her needs. Empathy becomes the key to accessing its inner world through the only observation.


Forgiveness is a difficult journey that starts from an offense received and ends with the overcoming of the wrong thing right away. It is one of the most sophisticated instruments of social life, because it allows to metabolize pain and restore a compromised relationship. Pardon relies on different types of resources and expects the individual to engage in emotional and rational processes. Empathy is one of those resources.

A study by the researchers tried to bring together all the puzzle dots. The research involved 140 people aged between 45 and 60 and their children to evaluate their ability to forgive. Men and women seem to walk different ways to get to the pardon. For men it is crucial that grudge has been totally eliminated in order to talk about forgiveness, while women are more indulgent. Empathy comes into play here. The most empathic female empathy allows us to open up to a different perspective and by this approach the grudge is dispersed more quickly. Men remain anchored to their injured party prospects and therefore expect compensation for the damage they have suffered.


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