Extreme situations host the human potential

In extreme situations human beings find themselves in front of themselves without masks and without defenses. First of all survival. Find the way out of this labyrinth we have before us. It seems that in these situations human beings are able to bring out the best in themselves. They are able to cooperate and collaborate with others, with the colleagues with whom they are living this extreme experience. In many cases the potentials of human beings thrive with enormous energy in the face of extreme situations.

People who save others though their integrity is in danger. What before a natural disaster come together to protect their welfare and that of others. People who go to the conflict zones to help. Human beings who mobilize to protect the most defenseless, without any other interest, no other will.

We give meaning to life when we are in touch with the best part of us.
There are many examples that show that you can make the best of yourself in extreme situations. Which can be built on darkness and debris. Being useful to others is a very precious necessity that dwells within us. Being able to help the other person in what he does best is a caress to the soul.

In situations where uncertainty reigns and the precipice is always higher, everything is outlined with greater clarity. The possible solutions and alternatives to the conflict (internal or external) are seen with more precision than would be the case if there were not an emergency situation.

It is surprising and encouraging to see how people, even wounds, can flourish after experiencing limit experiences. How they learn what they want in life and what they want to do without. How they finally discover their skills, the most genuine and hitherto hidden.

It is as if, after the great shock of life, they found the purest and idiosyncratic potential that lives in them. And after finding it, they decide to live on the basis of this. Without losing it along the way. Showing and sharing with the rest of humans the most genuine and beautiful in them.

Certainly it will be easy for you to think of a person who has been born again. Someone who has rebuilt himself following an experience similar to those described. A person who after that experience has painted his life with other colors. And a sort of indescribable serenity appears in her. A serenity that nourishes and gives meaning to its present. The good news is that that person is also in us.

Karl Jaspers (1883-1969), a German philosopher and psychiatrist, already deepened the limit situations. He defined them as those situations in which a curious paradox occurs. These are situations that seem to be mazes without exit, but which at the same time contain within themselves the possibility of being overcome. These are contradictory situations with which life surprises us. Crucial moments in which, despite the horror of uncertainty, we can see the meaning of our life more clearly delineated. Everything that gives meaning and meaning to our existence.

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