Forgive yourself from the guilty feelings

Forgive yourself from the guilty feelings. generally we think we have many things to forgive others, and we forget to forgive ourselves. In fact, we are living in a culture that has led us to feel guilty of our guilt, by placing rules of social and moral rules and norms, penalizing the impulses that come from our nature. This has undermined confidence in us themselves, and in our feelings moving away more and more from our soul. Because the reference to something imposed from the outside has made us no longer seek within ourselves the ability to cope with the problems of life, but we expected it to be someone else to do so.

All of us when we began to become aware of ourselves and our journey, we had to reverse this process by directing attention to ourselves instead of the outside with the result of discovering the many qualities we did not suspect of having.

And at a time we began to assume the responsibility of our life, and in a retrospective look, to realize that we were just to get us everything that had happened to us. It is precisely within this process of understanding, which has made it possible for forgiveness as an act of liberation, first of all of ourselves and then of others.

Forgive yourself from the guilty feelings that make us feel deeply unworthy, making us weak and vulnerable, in the sense that it becomes easily manipulable. In fact between the alleged culprit and the alleged victim there is a mechanism that carries both sides in an endless game.

Forgive others free of rancor and desire for revenge, and hence from the use of large amounts of energy directed at this purpose.

Forgiving themselves and others dissolves, therefore, an energetic bond between the parties that, consequently, feel free from weights and aggravations that continually report back to the past, preventing us from being new to the present. In this sense, forgiveness is a gift that you make to yourself.

Forgiveness is possible if one passes judgment on his own and against others, understanding that each one acts on the basis of his own evolutionary moment and values with this connection. In fact acts, actions, words that hurt us are as a presupposition and always rely on a judgment, our judgment or others.

In order to be able to truly forgive and cause this to be an act that induces a change in us, it is necessary to arrive at the understanding that everyone reacts according to his way of being and according to his own values, and that no one has the right to change others and to demand from them behaviors that are consistent with our way of being. That is, we can not expect others to react as we would have done in the same situation.

This makes us understand how forgiveness is something for which we must be prepared, deeply, otherwise it remains a mere mental act that is unable to produce within ourselves that lightness, that liberation resulting from the elimination of that energetic cord that he kept us tied to the people we felt grateful for. And it is through this cord that we lose energy and we feed ourselves those we think we have been wronged. In fact, our thinking continues to go there, and we know where the mind goes to the energy


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