Forgiveness is a source of peace

Forgiveness is a source of peace for oneself and for others. it is an experience that reveals and reflects in a mirror a conflict that is part of our inner world. Through forgiveness we have the possibility to reconcile with each other but also with ourselves, loving and raising our self-esteem. Through the Forgiveness we understand that the pain caused by the other, in reality is also a wound that we have inflicted on ourselves. This is why Forgiveness is care, it is conquest, it is unconditional love against the struggle and the anger that does not come to anything. Forgiveness is freedom from negative emotions that poison body and soul.

Forgiveness Prayer

That forgiveness is your source of healing and evolution, transmuting anger in serenity, rancor in benevolence.
May your life be full of joy
May your Christmas be peaceful and in harmony
May the New Year bring peace to you
May prosperity and abundance accompany your days
May your friends always have attentive looks and sincere words for you
May joy always fill your heart
May kindness accompany your gestures and your words
May the light of love always shine on you
May God’s blessing be always with you and show you the way
That you can do it better and express your talents
May your looks and your smiles be a gift of love and understanding for others
May your Guardian Angel always illuminate your steps
May gratitude be your first thought of the morning
May hope united with faith become your certainty
May prayer be your strength, your dialogue with Jesus
May you be happy, and the carefree laughter will accompany you in this Christmas season, for the New Year and always.
May you be yourself and yourself for everyone, to share the joy of service.
May you be happy, joy and blessings on your way.

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