Gabriel Archangel Prayer of Purification and Rebirth

Archangel Gabriel is the emanation of the powers of purification and rebirth. His name means Divine Power, understood as the transformation and regeneration capacity of the universe in the eternal becoming. his energy, as an expression of that force which embodies the universal principle of Harmony, is revealed as the spiritual evolution of the soul and its destiny. Archangel Gabriel appears as an androgyne figure, a manifestation of the harmonious balance between opposites and the creative power of God.

His sweet smile encloses in him all the tenderness of a mother to remind us of the divine mercy that he has created us. This feeling is made even more palpable by the soft, slightly tilted head posture that seems to express compassion and understanding for our difficult human condition. His right hand, resting on his chest, holds a soft lily, a symbol of purity, while the left is symbolically turned upward, indicating the divine will to which, sooner or later, each soul must necessarily align itself to implement its destiny .

Gabriel Archangel Powers

According to the universal principle of Harmony, Gabriel offers the gift of purification and rebirth to all humanity and to every living creature. These important powers manifest themselves in all their strength and fullness during the earthly existence: the phase of the animatic life in which the fundamental and cyclical process of purification and rebirth is carried out by divine work. Being an integral part of the Spiritual Evolutionary Process of the soul, each incarnate soul has the ability to activate them naturally and spontaneously.

The Power of Purification

It gives the power to receive purification simultaneously in the four spheres of existence: the physical, emotional, psychic, and spiritual sphere. It allows us to make room within ourselves and to come into contact with our enlightened nature, letting us overflow with peace and serenity. Thanks to the joint action of the energy of the Seven Great Archangels and the Spirit of God, our seven subtle bodies regain their original glory, allowing our Higher Self to extend the work of purification on the surrounding reality.

The Power of Rebirth

He awakens in us the consciousness of our animal nature and directs our path towards our spiritual evolution. It allows us to touch very high levels of consciousness, giving us a profound perception of ourselves and of our divine origin. Through this gift we are given the opportunity to discover our mission in this earthly existence and to know the destiny of our soul from a wider perspective, that is, of the great divine project.

Gabriel Archangel Prayer

Archangel Gabriel, you shine like the Morning Star
and that brings into the world the Light of Purification and Resurrection,
He rises my traveling heart and sweeps away the darkness of the night.
Orient my steps, run my gaze,
and always grant me the Force of Love and Hope.
Peace on earth and Glory in heaven.

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