Gemini Summer 2017 Career Horoscope Luck

Gemini Summer 2017 comes with some problems in love because of opposite Saturn, but in a few months it goes away. However Jupiter supports you and makes life lighter by helping all of you find the right solutions to not wreck a love affair that can still give you so much. If you have lived together, maybe many things to do in the new home can take so long to love, but the couple can still go on for several months. If you are alone and looking for a new love, Jupiter can encourage new encounters during the summer months, but these meetings can be quite superficial and do not last until the winter.

Gemini Summer 2017 Career

Saturn in general opposes various problems at work. The climate created at the workplace is not good and in fact is getting worse. You can not find a way to unlock situations that you have seen in combat with a work colleague or an employer, and now the air you breathe is heavy enough but do not throw it away because this difficult climate will soon disappear. And then you have to be more concerned about your economic sector. Money does not miss but unfortunately the expenses are really excessive, and you are in great difficulty a few times when you have to pay for situations that may be related to your car or your home. Excessive expenses also for children. You must absolutely avoid financial investments. It’s hard to find a good job under this sky.

Gemini Summer 2017 Luck

Jupiter is with you and supports you but sadly Saturn disrupts so much that you do not feel the benefits of the planet of fortune but still something beautiful has arrived and can still reach at least until September, especially if you were born in the early days of June. Unfortunately, the light rays of this planet fail to settle many outstanding issues, and because of these thoughts, the health sector may also be affected by a climate of heaviness that can lead to strong slimming, depressive states and persistent thoughts that are not I am certainly in favor.
What to do in these cases?
You absolutely have to rest your mind and your body, making a small trip. In summer try to go very far to the sea and take so much sunshine for the Sun to bring back that optimism that is now missing.


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