Guardian angel dwells in everyone’s heart

Guardian angel dwells in our heart, it is from there talking to our soul. To think of angels as something detached from us is pure imagination. They are manifested through light and sound frequencies. what is usually represented in the form of wings, are actually bright beams emanating from their essence. The beings of light we perceive to have bigger wings are the Archangels, and can be considered as the greatest brothers of the angels. All of them are messengers of God, of creation, bridge between heaven and earth.

We have always incarnated ourselves thanks to the angelic forces, which allow our soul to temporarily anchor to a form much denser than our essence of light beings. Guardian angel s are part of us and we are part of them. They are the brightest and most brighter aspect of us, through which we can connect and raise ourselves to dialogue with God.

We ourselves can be considered as terrestrial angels, and our wings of light are visible to those who, by high sensitivity or clairvoyance, can perceive this wave of sublime energy. We can, in fact, claim to have been created in the image and likeness of God.

The more we purify our heart and dedicate ourselves to daily actions in joy and altruism, the more that energy will increase, and we will be surrounded by a multitude of angelic presence that flows at our side. For a law of attraction, joy brings to it another joy. But we do not confuse the presence of the guardian angels with that of our dear dead.

Unlike the latter, who can often become our guiding spirits, angels have not experienced any earthly life experiences, and have never become incarnate as human beings. It is important, however, to keep in mind that the powers of angels and archangels, these marvelous luminosities that reside in our hearts, are accessible to us at all times, even now if you want.

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