Guardian Angel Stays with us for Life

Guardian Angel is the one who stays with us for life, in the darkest hours and in those happy. some people can feel it, is the feeling of being in the presence of something subtle that accompanied us at a particular time of our lives. It is not uncommon that the angels go to the rescue of those whose life is in danger. several witnesses report of angelic visions or intangible entity that occurred in dramatic moments, or miraculous interventions that save lives. It may happen that to help you manifest in human form, and then disappear as soon as they have completed their task. With children manifest themselves more openly, from research done seems that until preschool, children are able to perceive more clearly both the angels that other bodily entities, which manifest themselves in the form of kids to play with.

Guardian Angel is happy to help us when we need. the easiest way is to ask for their help through prayer. Sometimes if we are confused and we lost because of our evolutionary path of human beings, may decide to intervene without asking him, because their purpose is to ensure that we can realize the dreams of the soul, those for which we embodied in the present life. Desiring to be of help, come to our help in all matters of our lives.

The modern mind seems to encounter considerable difficulty in admitting the existence and mission of the Guardian Angel . It is generally taken to see in them the creation of a religious mentality rather primitive, that he felt the need to introduce this belief to an exaggerated sense of divine transcendence and a need in the face of dark forces protection (natural, demonic) from which the man felt threatened.

This mythical conception of the angelic world seems to exert a certain influence even on believers, and this in two opposite directions. Sometimes it feeds an excessive belief in the heavenly spirits (especially for what concerns the demons), which tends to forms superstitious or morbid. Other times the modern mind freezes all forms of belief and consequently of devotion. In relation to God the Angels thus end up appearing completely superfluous, if not an obstacle.

This consideration, reveals the importance of the presence of mediators between God and man, which are precisely the Angels (and the saints). They constitute a supernatural social dimension without which it would be impossible the harmonious growth of the religious believer’s personality. Indeed, thanks to them, we grow with full awareness of God’s closeness, the effectiveness of His providence of our insertion in an order of life that is not purely human.

We are convinced of the importance of devotion to the Angels. In it we recognize a powerful stimulus able to make ourselves familiar supernatural realities; that in a world like ours leaning especially towards what is purely material or human, it is a powerful tonic for consciousness. This function is then exercised and because this devotion captures the Angels as tools that God uses to accomplish his plan of salvation, both because it shows them as perfect worshipers of God.

It is not enough to believe that devotion to the angels is not in keeping with Christian piety in which – as is known – set in the central position of Jesus, the Son of God incarnate. The most convincing evidence of this harmony is the fact that Christ himself, in the decisive moments of the earthly life, he experienced the helper presence of the angels and that these were the announcers of his incarnation and resurrection.

Guardian Angel are messengers of a higher power. Although so far we have not been aware of their existence, of their beneficial influence on determining our lives, they have always tried to help us find the best solutions to the various problems we encountered. Angels can not force our will, we can only suggest the behavior to follow.

Angels when we become aware of their presence, while leaving us free to act, intervene in our daily practical life so clear and real. Some through prayer and meditation are even come to hear their voices or see them in the form of crystal globes that give off an intense Golden Light, enriched by the shade of color characteristic of each of Them.


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