Habuhiah Guardian Angel Born February 25 to 29

Habuhiah dispenses the energies of Mars, in addition to the energies of the moon belonging to his Choir, thus promoting the harmonious fusion of male and female energies. With your intervention, we can make perfect works. The images that he puts in the interior drive to work by gaining success from his work. the abundance of results (economic, sentimental, spiritual) will be obtained in the type of activity the person will have chosen, and where everything will become profitable and fruitful (especially if it comes to fields where fertility is important, such as agriculture or animal breeding).

When Habuhiah exercises its influence on a person, this has a mission to accomplish. In fact, the subject is mobilized by his ego (or inner God) so that his Design firmly leans its roots in the existential framework in which it is to grow. Habuhiah is a Guardian Angel who makes her intrepid, pushing to love adventures. Its exceptional power explodes the latent conflicts: for its action everything is brought to full light and finds an immediate solution. The abscesses break out, the diseases dissolve, everything repairs, they all recover the health and find the joy of living.

The individual will not be fully conscious of this dynamics, rather it will act according to a rational logic whose meaning escapes almost entirely, but carrying around repair and rebirth around him. Angelic influence extends from the health of people (which helps to heal and keep away from illnesses), to the maintenance of things, to fertility in agriculture and among animals.

Between man and woman Habuhiah is a source of great harmony, his nature infuses courage and power in women; Habuhiah people are capable of infusing strength to women, by virtue of their great ability to attach, comprehensiveness, loyalty that make them the powerful advocates and allies of women themselves.


Habuhiah Horoscope

Love – Your heart is constantly moving: instincts, feelings, reason, word, everything is mobilized to serve the loving conquest. If this general mobilization emanates from the noblest and elevated part of your personality, it will be great love, lasting and eternal.

Money – Your economic situation is pretty good, but it also needs to be structured to build a consistent set. This means that your economic potential must have a definite purpose, and not proceed according to your whims, your money must serve the formation of a useful business for your material progress, certainly, but above all to your spiritual, moral elevation , human

Health – Healer Angel , it can heal everything, but especially hemorrhoids and fistulas.

Career – Your joy of living and your sense of humor are contagious, and you open all doors. But beware, because this conquest of the heart becomes a social, professional achievement, joy has to come from your heart. An artificial gaiety, prefabricated, exterior, simply distracting, could not have any tangible result.

Esoteric Initiation – You will evolve towards a situation of spiritual, moral, and material power. No obstacles will stop your downfall. With the help of the angel, you will rise like an arrow. You will have to choose to do good without vanity, with effectiveness.

Habuhiah Prayer 1st verse of Psalm 105 (Confitemini Domino, quoniam bonus, quoniam in saeculum misericordia eius)

Habuhiah Days

February 25 to 29
May 29
August 12
October 24
January 4
March 16

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