Hahasiah Guardian Angel December 3 to 7

Hahasiah exhorts the person to exteriorize by expressing the values ​​that he infuses: the peace, the harmony, the convivial spirit, the benevolent union of all, the good and the brotherhood at the universal level. And so is the desire to make edifying and noble gestures, the aspiration to behave in a sublime manner, capable of proclaiming admiration; It is often a difficult person to overcome, especially in the principles. Love will be placed at the service of Divine Design in its outward phase, the subject will feel totally identified with his mission.

The serious difficulties that can be encountered in life, or the aspirations of superficial personality toward material values, can cause internal conflicts, thus causing the entrance of the angel opposite (Gilarion), which encourages rancor. However, the rancorous rebellion, which in turn is imprisoned, may not have followed, thanks to Hahasiah’s intervention, which gives the gift of submission to his superior self, and therefore the strength necessary to face, without loss, life with all his deception and its difficulties.

Hahasiah implies respect for true authority, so that the biblical expression of the Prayer to the Father – be made your Will – will fully acquire its meaning. The person will be engaged in missions based on Love; for His virtue the Love will be internalized, pouring it out of the energies dispensed by Hahasiah, and then poured into the world. It is said therefore that this angel is chiefly of infinite goodness.


Hahasiah Horoscope

Love – You are in a position to conquer. In any case you will have to fight to achieve or maintain your love. Your forces, your inclinations, must be disciplined. The ultimate victory is ensured, after a hard struggle, in your underwear, against fierce instincts, which cause disturbance in your heart.

Money – In the medium term, change in the sources of income. The new sources will be closer to your reality. That is, your activities will be the expression of your abilities. For this economic improvement, you will be forced to separate yourself from some friends who do not understand your projects and your ideals well.

Health – Protects against all illnesses, but especially against liver disease. Recovery of animation: an unhealthy physical state can curb social and economic advancement. In order to restore harmony, any excess of susceptibility must be suppressed and free from any perversion.

Career – Irrefrenable ascent, especially thanks to important and influential friends. With these strong stimuli, you will have great power and also common sense, the inner clarity necessary to not abuse it. It’s just the beginning of the climb. Those around you will be encouraged with a clear approval

Esoteric Initiation- This angel leaves the door open in the sky. He says that all men are made of light, which must not be judged according to the evil they have done, but according to the good they are able to do. Because evil destroys itself, with the power of repulsion, while good grows by itself, thanks to the force of attraction. Every man, if he really wants, can at any time become a being of light and penetrate the invisible worlds.

Hahasiah Prayer 31st verse of Psalm 103  (Sit gloria Domini in saeculum; laetetur Dominus in operibus suis)

Hahasiah Days

December 3 to 7
May 11
July 25
October 7
December 18
February 27

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