Haniel Prince of the Principalities Choir

Haniel is the Archangel linked to the sphere of Venus. He is the one who has everything that is beautiful and harmonious in his care. He is the inspiration of the artists, the one who makes the harmony of the spheres echo to the ears of the most sensitive men, because it is rewritten as music to be heard through the instruments of the planet Earth. The influence that the Venusian Archangel exerts through his Angels will always be greater over the years and will awaken in the hearts of men the feeling of benevolence. The aim will be to reach cosmic love, which is still very far from the sphere of human understanding. Haniel dominates the zodiacal constellation of Libra and Taurus, and positively influences the Aquarius and Gemini.

The Angels Principalities are even higher and have an even higher task in the whole of humanity. In reality, they regulate the conditions of all mankind on Earth, and live so that through time-waves, from epoch to epoch, they turn into a given moment, and so they assume another spiritual body. What is really called the spirit of the time, the spirit of an age, is the spiritual body of theĀ Principalities Angels

The name of the Principalities indicates that they possess a divinely sovereign character and a power of command, within a sacred order that is most appropriate to the sovereign powers; that are modeled as much as possible on that same Principle, the source of every other principle; and finally that they, with the good ordering of their sovereign powers, express it as the supreme ordering principle

Principalities Choir

49. Vehuel
50. Daniel
51. Hahasiah
52. Imamiah
53. Nanael
54. Nithael
55. Mebahiah
56. Poyel

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