Happy is a personal decision,start to be happy today

Being happy is a personal decision. The question is simple: we can find happiness even if we do not have everything we want in life. You might think that this is a conformist attitude, and some might seem stupid. But if you think about it, do we no longer benefit from a positive attitude than a negative one?
We can be happy if we make the decision to be, if we can understand that although many things can go wrong, there will always be something good, something that motivates us and that makes us somehow happy. These are difficult times, the accounts that do not return can ruin our day, and love is not something that we can keep under control.

Just love, is it that which is likely to make us more unhappy, perhaps because we feel misunderstood or rejected by the person we love, or because we realize that time passes and that we have not yet found our half of the apple. But there is no such thing, even solitude is something we can simply decide to leave aside. We can feel alone in the crowd or work to feel complete simply by ourselves. We are so happy as we want.

You may feel incredible the influence our mind has on our feelings when we decide to change what does not go into our relationships when we are convinced that love is not a complicated thing, that we should not try to change anyone but just love because in this way we will find our happiness … Only then will we be really happy. When we can smile even if things go wrong, because we understand that things really could change from one moment to the next, we have already made a big step forward towards happiness.

If love comes, why do we continue to look for defects in our relationship or our partner? If we think about how vulnerable we are ourselves, we will realize that no one is perfect, and that we can be happy even by living with imperfections. And if love does not come, why do we intrude in feeling bitter? Love will come unexpectedly. Maybe you should look more around, sometimes we pass on people without realizing it … And what we want might be closer than we believe.

If the sky is gray this morning, you might think that everything goes wrong: but winter can be the most beautiful of the seasons. Sometimes it awakens nostalgia, there is always some memory of the past that a sunless day sparkles. But since we know it will happen, we must understand that it is good to smile and accept that that day will be so.

Many of the things that will give us happiness are just there, waiting for us to decide to live them. We are in our minds more than our heart, we have to change our way of seeing life. Live it as it comes, because there will always be something that will make it better, as long as we try not to see it.

The mere fact of having one more day to live, is not that a reason enough to be happy?
Why do not you start to be happy today?

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