Haziel Guardian Angel Born May 1 to 5

Haziel Guardian Angel was the birth angel of François Bernard Termés, a noted angelologist theologian who later signed all his books with this pseudonym. Termés-Haziel says that this angel is a kind of love machine. Haziel Guardian Angel incessantly emanates love and friendship, thanks to which we can love and make ourselves loved, and through whose guilt it is forgiven. Thanks to this gift, our Karma can be quickly renewed and lightened. When we pray and invoke Haziel, his energy can resolve anguished and disturbing events. Through the intercession of this angel, people will meet in life – godparents and godmothers – who, feeling towards them live feelings of friendship and affection, will facilitate and help them in human affairs.

Providential occasions will manifest themselves continuously, on the condition of seeking reconciliation always and everywhere and not the struggle, the dispute. Through the invocation to Haziel it will always be possible to obtain, for good purposes, the sincere friendship of influential people, reconciliation with offended persons, forgiveness and even the definitive forgetting of faults and errors.

It is sufficient, in fact, to spend even just a short time in the company of a person governed by Haziel, aware of his skills to notice how other people, always have in their personality dark and blind sides, in which you can not see anything reliable : in those sides, each of us hides his weaknesses, fears, hatreds; and our every effort to establish ourselves in life, to widen our field of action in any way, actually hides the unconscious need, to reduce at least some of those dark areas that limit the horizon.

In people born in the period of Haziel Guardian Angel, all this seems to belong to a distant past: they are free, everywhere clear, from birth sovereign to the center of their world … yes, without personal goals, but for them this is not a problem , as they are very well. The only serious mistake they can make is, if anything, to be influenced by someone less advanced than them. They look good, listening too much criticism and advice.

Rather, they have come to the world to advise, and there is no one who can better grasp the defects of any of our projects – the shortcomings determined by our obscure points, and show us how to correct them. As kings and queens would be perfect: they would not be mistaken in the choice of ministers, they would approve the best laws, they would keep all the forces of their state in the right balance, and they would also – a fundamental gift for a monarch – be able to make love and obey willingly, for the naturalness with which they would bring the luster of their undisputed superiority.

Haziel Prayer – Traditional Prayer Psalm 25,6 (Reminiscere miserationum tuarum, Domine, et misericordiarum tuarum quoniam a saeculo sunt.)

Haziel Days

From May 1 to 5
March 29
June 11
August 26
November 6
January 17

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