Haziel Guardian Angel Born May 1 to 5

Haziel incessantly emanates love and friendship, through which we can love and be loved, and through whom all sin is forgiven. Thanks to your gift, our Karma can be quickly renewed and lightened. When we pray to Haziel, his energy can solve the anguish and disturbing events. Through the intercession of this guardian angel, providential occasions will manifest itself continually, provided that there is always and everywhere reconciliation (the rapprochement) and not the struggle, the dispute. Through invocation to Haziel you will always be able to obtain, the sincere friendship of influential people, reconciliation with offended people, forgiveness and even the oblivion of defects and mistakes.

Anyone born under the influence of this Angel has the grace and mercy of God because he knows how to understand and not judge the mistakes of others. You know that painful experiences happen, so every day victory is valued. It also has the protection of older and more influential people for their brilliant performance in performing important works. In the most difficult times, you will have divine providence. It will favor justice issues such as switching and reducing sentences, provisional freedom and others.

Faithful, companion, great friend, the nobility of character reigns in. Its growth is continuous and is sure that, despite the obstacles, it will always get a deserved triumph over every situation. He always forgives even the most painful offenses, transmitting to positive the negative karma that can be accumulated. Do not feel guilty or implore forgiveness, for your money or consumer goods because everything has been accomplished by the strength of your work. Money will not be a problem in your life, and you can also give up luck if you have to give up your ideals. You will appreciate art and beauty will be a protector of the movie world. Your spirituality will be achieved through awareness.

Haziel Horoscope

Love – Each partner will bring to the Grace’s full knowledge of the new spiritually and materially useful experiences. Love will shine when together they will look far and up. Haziel is the Angel of Love

Money – Important capital gains by chance, for the Grace of Providence and this Angel. Unexpected privileges that will allow the use of money in important activities and will succeed.

Health – The high vibration tension of this Angel (which is the first Cherub, collaborator of Arcangel Raziel) is enough to restore the harmony of diseased or depressed bodies. Besides being against anything that could attack the body or spirit; it protects the skin, because it is our armor against every Evil

Career – Successful in secondary jobs, subcontracted. Also successful in conciliation activities: marriage counselors, judges of peace, official mediators. He also succeeded as collaborators of great characters, or bodyguards.

Esoteric Initiation – Their thinking will receive an illumination from the moment they want to advance. They will read essential books. The angel deals with them from beyond, and will bring them back to the beings, in the invisible world, who, during sleep (in the form of dreams), will give them directly the information they ask in awake

Haziel Prayer Psalm 25,6 (Reminiscere miserationum tuarum, Domine, et misericordiarum tuarum quoniam a saeculo sunt.)

Haziel Days

From May 1 to 5
March 29
June 11
August 26
November 6
January 17

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