The healing power of affectionate words

Affects are feelings expressed in words, but also in non-verbal language. Through words and gestures, affections are always accompanied by emotions, those emotions that give value to affectionate words. We can define affection all those expressions that show the other how we feel when we are together, but also far away, or the desires we have towards him or her. And it is expressing the affection to establish the character of the relationship, its depth and the importance it has for both people involved.

Emotional language is a way of expressing feelings and emotions, as well as being a channel of connection with each other. On many occasions, an expression of affection, emotion, with feeling, or in other words, showing what we have inside is sufficient to understand each other in interpersonal relationships.

Affective relationships

No doubt we have not been taught to communicate in this way, and often we do not use this affective communication because we do not consider it important, even if, in reality, it is fundamental for human relationships. Using affectionate words in relationships the charge of feeling, soul, desire, content and meaning, since any other type of communication, however interesting, does not affect us emotionally.

The difficulty of expressing affection

When we try something for someone, let us know, we try to make the relationship different and special. However, it is difficult, strange, ridiculous and even unusual to do so, as they often taught us not to show what we have inside and to hide our feelings. We have been told that it is a sign of weakness and suffering. It is therefore a difficulty based on a mistaken idea of ​​emotional hardness and on the lack of emotional education, through which they should have taught us how to express the emotions and manage our emotions.

The pain of not expressing affection

Precisely because of the fact that we have not been taught and the wrong beliefs, we usually show ourselves to be strong, insensitive and ignore our feelings, because we think that in this way we will expose ourselves less to pain and suffering. Despite this, human reality is very different, since pain is just what we feel when we do not express what we feel, or when we are not told.

If we were taught to use affectionate words, from childhood we would know how powerful they are, both by listening to them and telling them. They have the power to show our inner self and establish a link with the inner self of the other.

If we close our eyes and feel:

I love you
I feel special when I’m with you
I’m happy next to you
You’re the most special person I know
I’m fine when you listen to me
I feel important when I listen to you
I’m glad to have known you
I’m at peace when I’m next to you
I want to continue to stand by you
I always want to be able to count on you
I want the best for you
I want to hug you
I would like to know you better
I feel loved by you
I feel pampered

Then we will feel much better …. maybe some affectionate words seem more familiar than others, even if they made you feel differently towards the person you addressed to or who gave them to you.

The healing power

The power of affectionate words lies in their high emotional content, which is transmitted and excited by those who receive it, making it feel, at the same time, the emotion expressed to those who have shared it. And that’s where the healing power comes from.

When we express our affection, we release emotions that sometimes oppress or block those who do not express them.

After hearing or saying affectionate words, we will feel relieved and free from the pain or suffering locked up in the emotions themselves.

The affectionate words heal and unite those who use them, freeing the emotions and the painful feelings that were at the root of a silent suffering.

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