Intuition direct contact with the unconscious

Intuition is the function through which we perceive the possibilities, that is, in how many different ways you can do one thing. It is also a premonition that is the ability to guess in advance what is not yet visible, the future potential of a situation. The feeling perceives reality through the physical senses, intuition perceives via the unconscious. Intuition is in direct contact with the subconscious and the unconscious receives flashes of genius, suggestions, artistic ideas.

Since the unconscious is where there is no time and space, captures aspects and seeds of the future, can feel completely new approaches to a problem, captures and sniffing original solutions.

It is the artist’s creative ability that is in contact with the seeds of the future, and with universal germs that can speak to all men, because they are images that correspond to very deep collective unconscious levels.

Educating intuition means fostering the ability to seize the opportunity: that is, how many different ways you can use an object, how many different ways there are to tell an event, how many different ways you can express a feeling.

He is also used to not tense up mentally, not fossilize, not to become one-sided. Learning that things have more facets, and you can look in more ways and from more angles, and that there are many different possibilities to address problems, will serve as adults will not be stuck in difficult situations and always find a loophole.

Educating intuition means also teach you to trust ourselves, of our unconscious, of its nature, its deep seed of its own self. Be open to what may come from the richest and most valuable part of us, where we are the most important treasures and the center of our lives, is to be centered on the things that matter, be yourself, be more complete. This allows you to recognize the signs, symbols, flashes, premonitions, the strange hints that show the way, giving the solution, they discover deeper aspects and unknown.

Intuition is one of the most valuable lessons a parent can give children, because that’s what allows him to learn to find solutions, to get in touch with the seeds of the future, to create something new that never existed .

Intuition also means educating for creativity

Creativity is not to think of something different and new compared to what has already been done. It is not a rational invention or a social and political message expressed through an image.

True creativity is the open and get in touch with something unknown to themselves and to others, something unknown from past and present, something that is not owned by anyone.

You are knocked over by something independent, vital and immediate, withering and imperious that is imposed and which must absolutely be expressed. Image, idea, connection, feeling that it is a manifestation of the unconscious that he decided to turn to that person at that time. It is a universal message that the artist can and should change the world.

When the artist has a brainstorm, a fulminating performance is as held by autonomous and powerful energy, which forces it to immediately produce the work, that is to embody the unconscious message he received. It is a vital center that takes and gives off a collective archetypal energy, and is characterized by an intense affective tone. In fact, the artist does not know rationally what he is doing, is taken from the affective tone in a total way. Only at the end can grasp the meaning of the work.

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