January Guardian Angels, harmony and success aptitude

January Guardian Angels collectively inspire: harmony, aptitude to success, well-being, understanding ability, renewal capacity, transformation skills, self-knowledge, inclination to science, patience.
Protection: from negative energies, explosions, fire, accidents.
Favorite Activities: Business, Astrology, Astronomy, Commerce, Communication, Philosophy, Physics, Teaching, Mathematics, Medicine.

Nemamiah – God Beloved – Archangels Choir- January 1 to 5
Prosperity and success. Know how to take the reins of situations and advise others.
Predisposition to command or military life. Strong sense of justice.

Yeialel – God Who Hears – Chorus of the Archangels – January 6 to 10
Healing from Psychosomatic Diseases. Protection from fraudsters and liars. docile and gentle character. Love for art and beauty. Success and fame.

Harahel – God Concious – Chorus of the Archangels – January 11 to 15
Talent in math and administration. docile, honest and wise character.
Fire and explosion protection. Good recovery from illnesses. Longevity.

Mitzrael – Rescuer God – Archangels Choir – January 16 to 20
Protection and Rescue from the High. Ability to heal, advise and comfort people. Helpful and unselfish spirit. Great Ideas. Fortune in studies and teaching.

Umabel – God of Immense – Choir of the Archangels – January 21 to 25
Ability to arouse and maintain friendship. Fast learning and great intelligence Interest in astrology and natural sciences. Ease of speech. Nice appearance.

Iah-Hel – Supreme God – Archangels Choir- Jan. 26 to 30
Wisdom. Searching for Truth in Everything. Honest and honest character. Introspection
and ability to meditate profoundly. Happy life in couple, physical and mental well-being.

Anauel – God of Goodness – Archangels Choir – Jan. 31 to February 4
Protection from unforeseen events and accidents. Good health and brave character. Capacity of
carry out work of responsibility. Tendency to mysticism. Success in art.

January is the month dedicated to the Child Jesus .

Prayer to the Holy Child to beg for help in the painful circumstances of life.

O eternal splendor of the divine Father, sigh and comfort of believers, Holy Child Jesus, of crowned glory, deh! lower your goodwill on all those who trust you.
Wonder how many calamities and bitternesss, how many thorns and sorrows intertwine our exile. Have mercy on those who suffer so much here! Mercy of those who weep for some misfortune: of those who languish and groan on a bed of sorrow: of those who are made a sign of unjust persecution: of families without bread or without peace; finally, pity of all those who in the various trials of life, in you faithful, implore your divine help, your heavenly blessings.
O Holy Child Jesus, in you only our soul, finds the true comfort! Only you can wait for the inner tranquility, the peace that delights, and comfort.
Volition or Jesus above us your pitiful gaze; show us your divine smile; raise your rescue right; and then how much they love to be the tears of this exile, they will change into a dew of consolation!
O Holy Child Jesus, comforts every afflicted heart, and gives us all the graces we need. So be it.


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