Jeliel Guardian Angel Born March 26 to 30

Jeliel represents and grants the power to concretise and consolidate any reality: it grants solidity, tranquility, fruitfulness (vegetable, animal, human, labor), fidelity of the spouse, obedience and loyalty on the part of the children and the subordinates. Jeliel overcomes lawsuits and cancels arguments, disputes, separations and divorces. Ensures success in construction and production activities. It also helps to make a career in administrations, diplomacy and law enforcement. Jeliel reveals the mysteries connected to the material realizations, to everything that is concretized in tangible terms. The person born under the influence of Jeliel will get exceptional insights, will have the opportunity to know the virtues of plants, the peculiarities of minerals, and to present the cosmic filiation (and his presentations will be exact).

You will be given the opportunity to choose the most suitable material for buildings. The influence of this Angel allows us to construct the earthly world in conformity with the rules of the higher worlds. The person knows (or is able to learn, through the prayer addressed to Jeliel) what is appropriate to do or who is mature: ready, that is, to reach the stage of practical realizations. Hence his chance to knock at the right door: the one that is waiting to be crossed. For this reason spiritual elevation, as well as social ascent, for can be very rapid.

Anyone born under  influence likes to do everything quickly and as a child does not have the patience to listen to the teachers, because it seems to them that the information is already in their head. It has since childhood, intuition for what is right or wrong. Inwardly, he believes that he is not on earth by chance, and he knows that his family is karmic, so he feels a duty to help her. Extremely loving, it exalts truth and universal fraternal love. His emotions are so strong, that they are experienced together by the angel.

You never let yourself be influenced negatively and you have sobriety to master any kind of situation. It is the bearer of peace where conflict exists, defends the truth and detests violence. She loves animals, loves flowers, forests and all nature. Probably has a name or surname of some Catholic saint and has a sanctified protection. consider him magical, because of the good humor with which he solves the most varied situations, always doing very well. It is vain, likes to beautify, use expensive perfumes and always walk in fashion.

Jeliel Days

January 10th
March 22nd
June 4th
August 18th
October 30th
Every day from 00.20 to 00.40.

Psalm 22:20 Tu autem, Domine, ne elongaveris, fortitudo mea: ad adiuvandum me festina

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