Jeliel Guardian Angel Born March 26 to 30

Jeliel represents and gives the power to concretize and consolidate any reality. it accords solidity, tranquility, fertility (vegetable, animal, human, labor), spouse’s fidelity, obedience and loyalty by children . He overcame processes and annul litigation, disputes, separations and divorces. Ensures success in construction and production activities. It also helps to make career in administrations, diplomacy and law enforcement. Jeliel reveals the mysteries associated with material accomplishments, all that is concrete in tangible terms. With prayer the person will get extraordinary intuitions, will have the opportunity to know the virtues of the plants, the peculiarities of the minerals, and to present their cosmic filiation and its submissions will be exact).

You will be given the choice of the most suitable material for any construction. The influence of Angel allows us to build the earthly world in accordance with the rules of the higher worlds. The person knows (or is able to learn, through the prayer addressed to Jeliel) what is to be done or that is mature: ready, that is, to arrive at the stage of practical accomplishments. Hence its ability to knock on the right door: the one that is waiting to be walked. For this reason, spiritual elevation, as well as social upheaval, can be very rapid.

Jeliel Horoscope

Love for flowers and pets. Love for what is beautiful; for the beautiful people who occupy a high position in society. Very nice spouse, whose charm and beauty will help them in success. To avoid jealousy, despite the spouse’s great magnetism. Exaltation of Love. Happy marriage

Money – Affordable in all activities related to ceremonies, celebrations, funerals, or justice. Significant gains through sincere service, large state agencies.

Health – This Guardian Angel gives fertility and normal pregnancies, fast and simple parts, beautiful and full of love to their parents. It also makes children adoptions easy and convenient

Career – Successful in difficult, arduous, violent, dangerous jobs. However, dialectical facilitation within the scope of the Law. Success in advocacy: convincing eloquence, even with incredible reasoning. Successful opportunities as international relations experts.

Esoteric Initiation – Discovery of Universal Laws through the Way of the Heart, of Love. An exalted, Holy, full of emotion, able to understand the mysteries of the Divine Work.

Jeliel Prayer Psalm 22,20  (Tu autem, Domine, ne elongaveris, fortitudo mea: ad adiuvandum me festina)

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