Lehahiah Guardian Angel Born September 8 to 12

Lehahiah grants his gifts and powers to the individual because he makes them available to some valuable, or historically important, person to assist him with devotion, respect, seriousness, loyalty, and discipline, and be in return generously rewarded. In everyday life, this prerogative translates into the tendency for Lehaiah’s patrons to enjoy full confidence from superiors, who in the professional field will give them all sorts of work-related rewards. Lahahiah loves those who work hard but gives full safety in the continuity of employment. People will have to stay in close contact with their bosses, since the rise of the superiors will also imply their own; and with the help of the Angel can reach enviable positions.

Lehahiah adorned the material life and if invoked, it impresses a strong acceleration to all our actions. His energy is favorable to the affirmation of the great industrialist, the man who sculpts his work with all the power of ambition; Everything, in the lives of the people protected by Him, will have a military nuance. This Angel gives final shape to the project that the person defends ardently, possibly at a noble and high address. It protects the kings and the princes, assuring solidity in the kingdom and inducing the subjects of loyalty to those who are recognized by the charism.


Lehahiah Horoscope

Love – Promising union. Great happiness, although some concessions will be needed on both sides. The meeting can take place in the house of a person of great fame. Or luxurious, prestigious workplaces.

Money – Benefits thanks to the talent (business gift) and thanks to the support of important characters. Earn especially thanks to reflection and fidelity to the superiors.

Health – Protects against joint rheumatism and rheumatism in general. Through the elimination of toxic waste accumulated in the body, such an affection can be nourished or healed, a process that can be accelerated by a natural, moderately vegetarian diet, and the use of pure water as a drink

Career – The ability to work will be put to the service of a higher cause. They will be strict executives of the Order, of the Law. A vigorous impetus will be given to serving the most elementary needs. Peace-makers, diplomats

Esoteric Initiation – from the Immaterial World that receive the inspiration for their behavior. The Guardian angel will explain them in a dream how to easily solve difficult situations. They can lead their friends to the discovery of the Universal Order

Lehahiah Prayer 3rd verse of Psalm 130(Speret Israel in Domino ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum)

Lehahiah Days

September 8 to 12
April 24
July 7
September 20
December 1
February 10

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