Lehahiah Guardian Angel Born September 8 to 12

Lehahiah Guardian Angel grants his gifts to the person because he makes them available to some historically important person, to assist them with devotion, respect, seriousness, loyalty and discipline, and to be generously repaid in return. In daily life this prerogative translates into the tendency, for people who enjoy the spiritual influence of Lehaiah, to have full confidence on the part of superiors, who in the professional field will grant them all kinds of work-related rewards.

Lehahiah Guardian Angel loves anyone who works hard, and gives complete security in the continuity of employment. People will have to stay in close contact with their leaders, since the rise of the superiors will also imply theirs; and with the help of the Angel Lehahiah they will be able to reach enviable positions. Lehahiah admirably structures material life and when it is invoked, it gives a strong acceleration to all our actions.

Whatever the field to which they have chosen to devote their research (scientific research or new forms of expression, primates to beat, new markets or a new morality), therefore they become very easily prominent people. In this way, the ability with which they can assert themselves helps them, irresistibly provoking respect for their colleagues and above all for their superiors.

The people governed by Lehahiah Guardian Angel soon realize that they have this prerogative with the powerful, and usually know how to exploit it well. Later they also come to understand the deep reasons: in the heads they project what is the real engine and the true objective of their perennial growth. In other words, they realize that they see the best part of themselves in their superiors: they perceive qualities they themselves have and must develop, or effective ways to correct some defects that they have noticed in themselves. And this identification exerts an unconscious fascination that no leader can escape

The energy of Lehahiah favors the affirmation of the great industrial, of the man who sculpts his work with all the force of ambition; everything in people’s lives will have a military nuance. Lehahiah Guardian Angel confers definitive form to the project that the person defends ardently, possibly to noble and elevated address. It protects kings and princes, ensuring solidity to the kingdom and inducing the subjects to the loyalty that is felt towards those whose charism is recognized.

Lehahiah Prayer 3rd verse of Psalm 130(Speret Israel in Domino ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum)

Lehahiah Days

September 8 to 12
April 24
July 7
September 20
December 1
February 10

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