Leo August 2017 Career Horoscope Love

Leo August 2017 the harmony of the planet Jupiter combined with the Moon’s influence will bring a significant benefit to your emotional state, allowing for great energy and physical endurance. Born under the sign of the Lion will be in their best shape. In August 2017 you can appreciate the positive events the stars have prepared for you. You will have a time full of satisfaction, but you will have to try to calm your ardor and put a brake on the impulses that sometimes make you a little tyrannical if you do not want to lose the respect of people close to you. If you are single, this month there will be a lot of encounters. Some adventure eventually could also become a serious love story.

Leo August 2017 Love

The presence of the Sun until August 22, 2017, places the joyful side of your couple relationship in the foreground. If we go to see Venus’s position, we see that the planet of beauty helps you play with your charm. Increase your desire to enjoy the present, and you will not be willing to lose the pleasures that life offers you. You will be convincing, optimistic and warmer than usual. In addition, the New Moon in your constellation, Monday, August 21, will be able to develop your inner feelings more intimately. This period is of vital importance for you in the Leo sign, in order to manage the possible frustrations, to understand their origin, to draw the lessons from the past and to knowingly go to the future

Leo August 2017 Career

There are good chances of achieving success during August 2017. The position of the planets is very favorable. Whatever the obstacles you are facing, you will be able to overcome them, regardless of their level of difficulty. This is the time to act with skill and safety, as well as indicating your mind. You will find on your way the support of very influential people. Start your career projects immediately. Projects in the financial and professional sectors are encouraged. You must calculate the risks wisely and collect all your energies to guide them in the right direction. Associations and alliances in this period are lucky. Do not hesitate to get closer to people, though at first glance they may look very different from you. The horoscope assures that using the diplomacy will open many doors.

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