Leo Predictions December 2017 Horoscope

Leo Predictions December announces with an energizing climate, in relation to your work and social activities. Creativity will distinguish you, in particular, in the context of finances. The transit of the Sun in Trine with your sign will allow you to gain prestige, above all, thanks to your projects and aspirations. You will have all the diplomacy and the ability, in relation to your leonine nature, to fascinate the people who will venture into your legitimate territory.

Leo Love, Predictions December

The combined influences of Mars and Jupiter are creating a harmonious balance with completely new circumstances that will help you explore and discover one side of you that was unknown to you before. In December you will enjoy a good harmony in your love relationship. However, if you have a remote relationship, lack of live communication can create misunderstandings, so if you’re really in love and want your relationship to succeed, make sure your partner knows how much you are worried about. The horoscope advises you to avoid getting into unnecessary arguments as this may weaken your relationship.


If you are single, this is the good time to start a love story that is about to start right. A Gemini native could cross your path and win your heart. The bond with the Scorpio would offer you a passionate love, but in return would want your complete subordination. The Sagittarius would recognize your merits. A relationship with Aquarius will give good results.

Leo Career, Predictions December

Regarding work and profession, if you are planning to start a project, then December is a good time to proceed with your ideas. Mercury’s transit into Trine to your constellation will help to develop greater creativity. In addition, the joint collaboration of Mars and Jupiter will facilitate the concentration. You will find your colleagues at your side and you will enjoy an improvement of your personal magnetism. All you have to do is stick to your usual pattern, which is to work hard. The horoscope assures you that by the end of the year all your efforts will be rewarded.

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