Libra Predictions December 2017 Horoscope

Libra December increases your social life. Your circle of friends will give you many opportunities to attend meetings during the month and at the end of the year. Try to organize your calendar, otherwise Christmas will find you out of stock. Avoid discussions with family members, your loved ones claim your presence to resolve long-standing issues, try listening to their requests.

Libra Love, Predictions December

The month begins with some small verbal conflicts in the relationship with the partner. Mars’s position in your astral chart makes the last month of the year a period in which you may experience some coexistence problems if you do not apply the necessary patience and collaboration that your family requires. If you manage to overcome and to put aside all the clashes that are happening in your relationship, for Libra you open a ray of hope. You just have to find a balance between your heart and your mind, without raising barriers between you and your partner. This will give you the opportunity to avoid disagreements, but it will improve your relationship. The horoscope is sure that after a difficult time, love will come back to smiling.


For Single Libra, there are unexpected novels and very intense love stories that await you. December will provide opportunities to build a concrete relationship that is resistant to time testing. You will have many opportunities to relate and enjoy life and take advantage of moments of happiness without prejudice, but you have to be cautious when choosing, because not everything that shines is gold. Those who want to conquer the heart of an Aries must have patience, otherwise everything can be ruined by a little nonsense. Cancer dialogue can be started through the use of caresses. The story with another Libra like you will allow you to live your life without restriction.

Libra Career, Predictions December

Regarding work and profession, December is the month of change in Libra’s social status. You will be pleased to know that the efforts you have made in previous months are now showing positive results. The aspirational promotion and the much-anticipated wage increase are likely to go in the right direction. You will enjoy more workplace convenience and your commitment will be rewarded. In particular, those with technical skills can expect an improvement in their work profile after mid-month. Those looking for work, whatever their aspirations, will just have to have some patience. Mercury’s Transit in the Sagittarius Constellation will create a sextile with your astral sector, for the horoscope it means that you will soon find new opportunities that will knock on your doorstep.

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